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Do you love cats? If you have enough creativity and plenty of money, you can get inspired by a man from California, who transformed his house literally a into a cat paradise.

He paid about $ 35,000 for the perfect transformation. The spiral ramps, walkways, scrapers and various rest areas are established for his 18 cats. The loving mister also installed a sophisticated ventilation system that supplies his house with fresh air for his cats.


The house owner created a truly creative living space out of his house. However, would you spend such an amount for a home transformation for your pets?


A new collection of furniture and lamps with an integrated wireless charging system for cell phones and tablets was introduced on the mobile technology exhibition in Barcelona. The white and simply shaped tables and lamps are complemented with a separate charging base and a charger, which can be built in to any table.

“From a number of surveys, as well as from our visits to our customers´ homes, we have found out that the people do not like a tangle of cables. They are also worried they will not be able to find the right charger at the moment they need it and thus their cell phone will get discharged. Our innovative solution, when the wireless chargers are directly built-in the furniture, makes the home life much easier,” a manager says.


The collection of furniture, lamps and accessories is constructed according to the International Certified Standard Qi. The complex offer includes a pair of tables, a table lamp, a floor lamp, a work lamp, a cable organizer with a lid, separate freestanding charging pads, a USB charger, a wireless charger to mount into a table and a cell phone case for wireless charging (you need to put the case on the phone, unless the phone itself supports this technology from the production, already).


The products included in the Design Collection were created by several designers. One of them said:

“We have created a smart wireless solution therefore you will not have to look at the unsightly cables any more. You can even charge several devices at once, and your home will look beautiful and wireless at the time.”

In the Czech Republic, the first products from this collection should come up for sale in April 2015.

If any piece of furniture can be really considered as variable, then it is a dresser, which is usually a cabinet with drawers that can be used almost anywhere in your apartment. We are going give you some inspiration for what can purchase.

What style of a dresser will suit you? Ultimately, any style you wish. The simple shape of the dressers does not pretend anything, the function is primary, however there are also pieces suitable in the style (or themed) interiors or in a cottage. And if you want a truly original piece, you can have the fronts and the doors printed with a photo of a choice, or you can even have a dresser made to measure.


A Dresser Is A Cabinet

“Nowadays, as dressers are generally referred lower cabinets with several drawers, which ideally run across the whole width of the furniture. They can stand solitary by a wall, it is not necessary to fasten them,” an architect says. They tend to have low legs or a base,  they can also be equipped with wheels for easier handling, however you can  see pieces on truly high legs (so you can store various things under them) or conversely, with no legs.


The Modern Transformations

If you regard only the low, wide and deep cabinets (e.g. 80 x 100 x 40 cm) as dressers and you see completely different ones in the stores, do not be surprised. This piece of furniture changes according to the ideas of the manufacturers. They sometimes “stretch” it in width or to height, the drawers do not always run across the whole width or they are supplemented by shelves with doors, the drawers may be even replaced by removable boxes or by open shelves.


Wherever You Need Them

The dressers evolved from the earlier chests of drawers, the low cabinets adapted for storing linen. However, this piece of furniture will find its application also out of a bedroom, nowadays. It can be placed in a kitchen to store the cookware in it, in a nursery (as a changing table combined with a storage for clothes or toys), in a living room (as a storage furniture), in an office, in a bathroom or even in a hallway.

Unlike other furniture, the top surface will also be useful to you for storing items or decorations, or a mirror can be placed on it.


What Are Made Of/Materials

The dressers are mostly manufactured from wood-based materials, although you can find them in metal, plastic or even glass, too.

“The laminated chipboard is marked as LTD. The stronger and better material is the hardboard (MDF). The chipboard (DTD) is also used, it can be laminated or covered by the veneer. Thus if you buy the “veneer furniture”, it means that a thin layer of wood (max. 3 mm) is glued to a carrier substrate, such as the DTD. And the timber is a piece of wood that will delight every nature lover, but this material responds to moisture more significantly, e.g. its colour stability is poorer.


How To Open Them

The drawers are equipped with handles, which complete the look of the dresser, however you do not need to use them in every case. Some pieces of furniture have drawers with holes for the fingers in their fronts, while others use recessed handles which do not protrude.

The handle-less systems, mechanical or electric driven, represent handy and very modern solutions, which originally started in the kitchens, but now they are used in other furniture, as well.


What Else?

You should not focus only on the design, but also on the materials, the furniture implementation including the metal fixtures, as well as on the size, so that it fitted into your home and to your everyday life. Do you find this comment useless?

“I normally see people, who did not estimate the space needed for the dresser correctly. Although they know how much space there is available, they forget to include the space for the drawers being pulled out and for the person who will stand by it…”


The Fashionable High Gloss

The trend of high gloss finishes applied in home interiors reached the dressers, as well. But how about the risk of scratching the surface, e.g. by a ring? Minor damages of the surface made of the glossy T-acrylic can be fixed at home with a “healing kit”; the repair takes about 10 minutes.

Even though your old kitchen cabinets are still serving, you may be already tired of them. Or maybe your requirements have changed over the years, so you would like to upgrade your cabinets. Is it possible without significant problems?

It is crucial, what exactly you want to change, so let’s talk about the individual elements.


A Worktop

The replacement is not complicated. Uninstall the appliances and other elements, remove the old worktop, fasten a new one in place and install all the appliances, sink and taps back. First of all, you have to measure the worktop thoroughly.  When mounting a worktop made of stone, glass or ceramics, any additional adjustments are impossible. You can adjust the laminate or the solid wood ones to a certain extent, however you need the professional equipment and an experienced worker.

What Materials Are In? The selection is large, worktops can be made e.g. of laminate, glass, natural or artificial stone, wood or ceramics.


A New Sink

In this case, you can choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and ways of installation into the countertop. Attention must be paid to the size of the sink which is related to the size of the cabinet underneath it: the cabinet´s width is the maximum width of the sink. And if you want a smaller sink than you have now, you need to replace the worktop, as well.


Changing Of Taps

The taps can be changed virtually anytime, whether they are built into the sink, into the worktop or into the wall. When purchasing the taps, keep in mind the dimensions and try out in rough outline, how comfortable the work at the sink will be (e.g. compare the taps with the short and the long arm).


The Cabinets´ New “Guts” Or A More Comfortable Opening

Is it manageable to replace the old shelves with the modern retractable ones with the storage systems? Theoretically it is, but practically it is not common. You would have to dismantle the entire cabinet, have the necessary components installed in it, assemble it and install it back – provided the material of the cabinet can carry the load. ..

This solution is not recommended, not only for economic reasons, as a quality assembly e.g. of the running gear is implemented and guaranteed by the manufacturer of the cabinets. However, it is possible to replace a cabinet with another cabinet or to add additional storage space.

Likewise, the way of opening is solved during the assembly of the cabinets (not later): if you want the flaps or a more comfortable opening of the drawers, i.e. by simple touching or tapping.


There Is Never Too Much Light

Maybe you have not considered yet, if your work area is lighted well or if you can navigate in the cabinets easily. You can fix this issue later by installing an additional lighting, which may be placed on the rail above the worktop, below the bottom of the upper cabinets or by means of the LED strips. Some kinds of lights can be cut into the bottom of the cabinet, without having to remove the cabinet first.

However, you cannot update anything; this applies to the lights which have been mounted into the cabinets directly in the production (however, the glass bottom lights are practical).


The Backboard Between The Upper And The Lower Cabinets

Similar to replacing a worktop, a new backboard is one of the most widely implemented enhancements to an existing kitchen, which promises functionality and a significant visual change. If the base is flat and in good condition, you can stick the new material on the old one. Again, it is necessary to measure everything thoroughly, including the locations of the electrical outlets etc., since many materials cannot be adapted later.

The Glass Tiling – You can install new tiling made of tempered glass directly on the old one. It is advisable to degrease the old tiling with the soap water or technical alcohol before applying any special adhesives with high adhesion to various construction materials.


Replacing The Doors Or The Face Boards Only

Undoubtedly, you can revive an old kitchen with new cabinet doors, if they match the dimensions, hinges and their spacing. However keep in mind, that the doors generally mean the most expensive part of the kitchen cabinets.


The Built-In Appliances

The replacement seems to be easy, if you find the appliance, which corresponds to the measures of the old one. If the new dishwasher is lower than the old one, you can simply add the missing inches by a base. In addition to the measure, the structure of the appliance, the size of the doors and the type of hinges are important, too. It also holds for a fridge: the cabinet door can be hinged to the cabinet body or permanently attached to the door of the fridge.

And if your kitchen’s dimensions allow it, you can get a new cooking island additionally. It is especially suitable, if it will serve for preparing as well as for serving food, and it may be possibly equipped with a bar.

The bunk beds are not only a great option for small bedrooms in which the classic beds would occupy most of their area. The high structure of the bunk beds also breaks the traditional layout of the interior and gives flair to the entire room.

The bunk beds can be found in the interior design already for many years because of their effectiveness.  The high positioned bunk beds can utilize the same floor area twice so much.


“The bunk beds with tiers are space-savers of their nature. The beds themselves are compact and they are usually the most space occupying furniture in children’s rooms as well as in bedrooms. Their upwards structure gives you more free area, which you can use for everyday activities in the room,” an architect says.

The high bunk beds are nowadays often used in bedrooms for adults too, where the saved area is used e.g. for a desk or a couch, thus creating a practical living space.


However, this kind of furniture does not fit in every apartment. In this respect, the ceiling height is determining. This kind of solution is the best at the ceiling height of about 3.5 meters, so the bed could be placed high enough and you could move under it comfortably.

“If you do not have a ceiling of this height, do not despair. The space under the beds can be used for cabinets, an open closet or even for an open work area,” a designer says.


Sleeping In The Upper Tier

The bunk beds are usually placed in children’s rooms so that the children had enough space for playing,. In most cases, the kids argue about who is going to sleep in the upper tier. From the emotional point of view, the kid in the upper bunk feels better because he or she does not have so much open space above them.


Although the selection of suitable children’s furniture might not be simple, you just have to follow some general steps that will make your choice easier. Do you want to know them?

Of course it is not possible to sum such a large theme up in a few lines. On the other hand, we can give you a few general conclusions here.

stažený soubor

  1. Quality: the children’s furniture should be primarily made of high quality harmless materials, such as wood, fabric or wool, and mainly from non-toxic substances. So choose the top children’s furniture and you can be sure that your baby will grow up in a truly safe environment.
  2. Appearance: naturally, it is necessary for the little girls and boys to feel comfortable in their room, even as far as sensory stimuli are concerned. Therefore, the nursery has to look comfortable at the first sight. It does not matter, however, whether you prefer bright or sober colours.
  3. Practicality: even with the children´s furniture, you must not forget its practical function. At the beginning, the baby´s dressers and desks are very important and they must suit both the baby and you. In later years, there must be a table and chairs, as well as other practical furniture, in the nursery.
  4. Furniture pieces vs. sets: it is questionable, whether it is better to get the individual pieces of the children’s furniture separately, or to buy the furniture set into the room. In the first case, the room can arranged exactly according to your wishes, but the second is easier and can be much cheaper, too.
  5. Price: we cannot underestimate this factor, because every family budget is limited. The good news is, you can buy a wide range of high-quality children’s furniture cheap, nowadays. You can try some of the e-shops.


Have you ever wondered, if your child’s room is properly furnished for playing and for studying?

When choosing the children´s furniture, it is necessary to consider every detail. You should not ignore the important principles you should keep in mind when choosing the furniture. The safety of your children is obviously the priority when choosing the furniture into their room.


A Room Suitable To Be A Children´s Room

Try to allocate the largest room in your house or your apartment, so that your kids had enough space to play and learn. Keep in mind enough of storage space, too. If you do not have a sufficient space for a children’s room, then get the height-adjustable furniture for your kids. Their beds should be built-in to save the space in the “day mode”.


The Principles For Choosing The Furniture

Nowadays, the main effort of parents is to arrange the children’s room colourful and playful. Many of them buy completely new furniture; gone are the days when children were given old and used furniture. Parents have a lot of options today to arrange a room for their children both in a good price and a good quality.

The big advantage of the children’s furniture is the fact they are manufactured in the modular style. The modular furniture consists of several parts (modules) that can be combined and new variations of the room created. The children grow and their needs change, that is why the modular furniture is ideal for them. There is another option to satisfy your children´s needs and to arrange an unconventional children’s room for them – to have the furniture made to measure.


What To Keep In Mind

First of all you should consider if you are arranging the children´s room only temporarily or whether it should last up to their school age. Then, it is important to think about the zones that form the children’s room: it is the work zone, the rest zone and the play zone. The furniture should be functional and safe, above all. The last thing to consider is the colour scheme of the room.


Do Your Kids Have A Lot Of Things And Toys?

If your children have a lot of things, toys and sports equipment, sort the things out first. Determine which are necessary and which you can get rid of, so that the room was not overfilled with clutter. Before buying the children´s furniture, think mainly about the abundance of the storage space. You can solve the issue e.g. by means of cabinets, in which a child bike, skates and other sports equipment can be hidden.


One Room For Two Kids

If you have two children, you certainly think about how to organize their room so that both kids had enough space. The children’s room for two kids must maintain privacy and separate areas for each of them. The “growing” furniture that “grows” together with the children is suitable in such room and it can be accustomed according to the needs of the children. If you have a boy and a girl, keep in mind that over the time, they may not like the same child motives, so ask your kids before buying the furniture, which theme they enjoy.



Follow These Principles

When choosing the furniture for the children´s room, follow these principles:

  • the safety of the furniture (no sharp edges)
  • the furniture should have the manufacturer’s certificate of safety
  • avoid the furniture with glass elements
  • too many children’s motives can become annoying for your kids over the time
  • be careful about the lighting conditions in the room (the desk should be placed near the window)
  • the desk should be large enough for a PC and a desktop
  • do not save on the size of the children’s beds; size of 90 x 200 cm should always be kept.