Home Interior Bathroom

Are you planning a reconstruction of your bathroom? Already during building and equipping a bathroom, a maximum security should be considered. The first requirement for a safe movement in a bathroom is, of course, a sufficient free and open space and a non-slip floor.

There is a number of fixed, subsequently built-in and freely usable tools, so that you can use a bath or a shower without the risk of injury.


Prevent Slipping

Slipping can be prevented e.g. by means of non-slip strips, that glued to the installed floor, by mats with a rubber underside or by chemical agents in the form of a paint (so called “wet brakes”). The measures to avoid a fall include a bath with a non-slip bottom, tub handles and stools; a seat in the shower, as well as a low or a partially sunken bathtub, will help those with reduced mobility. The turned on under floor heating dries a wet floor quickly.


Tiles Are Important

When choosing the tiles, you need to consider their finish, as well. You can install large format tiles even a small bathroom and they can enlarge it visually. Choose the calibrated tiles because their calibration enables you to install them with minimal joints, which is very practical for the maintenance of a bathroom. The generally compact surface is also better for laying the textile anti-slip mats.


Hot Water

The hot water means another common type of risk in a bathroom; scalding is unfortunately quite often and it is caused by inappropriate water taps. There are a large number of valves with the control settings for water temperature on the market. These thermostatic valves with safety function enable you to set a stable temperature of e.g. 38 ° C.


Think About The Future

Young people do not mind crossing the high rim of a bathtub. However, you should keep in mind, that both you and your family members will get old and have reduced mobility. With regard to the convenience as well as in terms of safety, it is preferable to equip a bathroom with a shower with no obstacles around it (instead of a bathtub). Additionally, the shower tray can be fitted flush with the floor. Here again, choose the products with good slip resistance.

“When choosing the shower interior, pay attention to its tightness. There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower onto a wet floor,” an expert highlights the potential risks. “Check the joints between the glass panes carefully, because that is where the water can leak. Some showers miss the sealing completely, while others´ sealing do not fit tightly. Pay attention to sealing on the bottom edge of the door, as it is often distorted.”

Choosing of the “drainage canals” can enable you to create a disabled access bathroom, as well as the possibility to install the under floor heating. These are incorporated directly into the stripped floor, so you do not need a floor tray. This solution allows the installation of a shower of any size.


A Bathroom With A Toilet In One Room

Many bathrooms are equipped with a toilet and a bidet. An unexpectedly sharp fall of the board can cause injury, too. However, you can get a toilet model with an automatic soft folding.


The Electrical Equipment

Do not forget the safe placement of the lights, sockets and switches. (In the CR), a bathroom is divided into the zones No. 0, 1, 2 and 3, and different rules apply for each of them; the rules are indicated by the CSN standards.

Nowadays, household appliances are so effective that it is not difficult to choose one. But how about in case, you need to pay attention to every inch of space in your home? Can you find a quality appliance then?

The answer is – yes, you can. However, the offer of Slim (narrow) appliances is not so wide.



The Options You Can Choose From

The washing machines and the dishwashers are the most common Slim appliances. Broader talking, there are also other kinds of space-efficient appliances that are commonly referred to as “compact appliances”. These include microwave ovens, steam ovens or conventional hot air ovens, as well as two plate cooking hobs, or even Slim coffee machines (espressos). There are also certain types of refrigerators and vacuum cleaners that occupy less space. On the contrary, you cannot find a tumble drier in the category of Slim appliances, and the offer on the washer-dryers combos is limited, as well.


How About Washing Machines

“The Slim washing machines with the front filling have a depth of 33-47 cm, while the standard depth is 50 cm and more. As to their functions and programs, they offer the same user experience as the standard washing machines,” a salesperson says.

“However, you need to expect a more limited capacity, which varies from 4 to 8 kg of laundry, while the standard large appliance can hold up to 11 kg. The only drawback is that a Slim washing machine cannot be stacked with a dryer. A tumble drier is larger and needs to be placed on an appliance with the minimal depth of 50 cm.”


The Top Filling

Another way of saving space is offered by the top filled washing machines, which are 60 cm deep and only 40 cm wide. The Slim appliances are designed especially for apartments, where is not enough space for a standard sized appliance there.

This holds for the refrigerators, too, with a “Slim” width of 50 cm and a standard width of 60 cm and more. Their main, but only advantage is saving the space.


washing machines

The Dishwashers

The narrow dishwashers are 45 cm wide and can hold 9-10 cookware sets, while the standard dishwashers (60 cm wide) can accommodate up to 15 sets. There is a smaller capacity, too, but the narrow dishwasher is functionally comparable to the standard one. And how about the situation, you do not have even the spare 45 cm in your kitchen? On the market, the table dishwashers are also available, and because of their small dimensions, they are reminiscent of a bigger freestanding microwave oven. Anyway, they are sufficient for smaller households, as they can hold about 6 sets of dishes.



The Built-In Appliances Are Also Available

However, you can find this design only on dishwashers. There are refrigerators available with the height of only 85 cm which correspond to the height of a worktop, but they are wider and the foods are kept in the drawers inside.

And how about other appliances? You can purchase them in a compact size, e.g. a two plate cooking hob with the dimensions of about 30 x 51 cm, as well as compact built-in ovens, microwave ovens, wine coolers or coffee machines, all with the height of 45 cm. And if it seems too much to you, you can look for the real “thin” freestanding versions.


Do Not Seek What Does Not Exist

We have already explained that you cannot find any significant functional difference between the traditional large and the Slim space-saving appliance. But how about the power and the water consumption, are they the same? Or can the Slim appliances be noisier or maybe harder to maintain? The experts assert, that there are no other pitfalls, expect for the smaller capacity mentioned above.

And small things are beautiful, aren´t they?

The old formica bathroom may not be the worst thing you have to solve during the reconstruction. In this case, a young couple (with the help of a construction company) had to deal with a bathroom in an old brick building.

The original owners were an elderly couple who hardly ever invested in the interior for the whole decades, they had been living here. That is why most of the fixtures were the original ones, including the bathtub, the sink, the gas heater and the tiles.

So the young couple had a simple decision: a complete reconstruction was necessary. Although the original idea of enlarging the space failed, they managed to customize the space so that a shower could be installed.

The next major change meant moving the gas heater, which also supplies the kitchen with hot water, from the bathroom on the toilet. Although the house has a central heating, the original project solved the water heating by a separate gas heater. This solution is, however, present in many apartments in old houses in the CR till today.

There was not enough space for a sufficiently large water boiler so a modern type of gas heater was chosen, which needed, however, a flue exhaust chimney leading up to the roof (the apartment was fortunately on the top floor of the house).

The modern gas heater does not depend on the supply of combustion air from the inner space of the house, so it was not a problem to place it into the small space of the toilet. However, this solution meant a higher purchase price of the appliance and an installation of a new flue.


Solving The Small Space

The third small space obtained by moving a partition wall, which was closed by a door, was equipped with a washing machine and a tumble dryer. This utility room would serve as storage for buckets, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment.

However, the couple really wanted a shower, because they do a lot of sports, as well as a bathtub for their future kids. That is the why they finally decided to extend the bathroom with a shower enclosure. The shower was closed in a niche 120 cm wide by a glass door without a frame, so it looks quite inconspicuous.

The architect modified the project then: the washing machine was moved to the kitchen and the tumble dryer to the closet in the hallway, which was fixed with good ventilation and an electric outlet.

“Unfortunately, compromises cannot be avoided completely during a reconstruction”, an architect says.


The Safety And The Comfort

Even so, the space of the new bathroom and the toilet was quite small. To enlarge it visually, the owners chose glossy white wall tiles, dark anthracite floor tiles complemented by mosaic areas. The white tiles enlarge the space visually and they are a timeless solution, which can easily be completed with colours using towels and other accessories. The interesting mix of mosaics and large pavers proved to be better than the originally planned simple mosaic.

The modern gas heater is only 25 cm deep and it is covered by a made-to-measure door, it is located inside the toilet room. Both the door and the hanging cabinets connected to the sink have a glossy finish.

The owners chose a high type of the doors (210 cm) in the whole apartment, which help to enlarge the space visually. The doors have a special “climate” finish, which protects them from the moisture. The edges of the door in the bathroom are covered by aluminium rails which looks luxurious, when the door is opened. A mechanical damage of the edges is nearly impossible.

For a greater comfort, both a hand shower and a head shower were installed.  In a brick house like this, the owners could afford a gutter instead of a shower tray. It was possible to place the sewer branch so that the outflow was lower, which is rarely possible in the prefabricated houses.

There is neither a heating ladder, nor the original radiator in the bathroom as the owners preferred a floor heating.

The reconstruction of the bathrooms was part of the overall reconstruction. In a case like this, you have to take the new wiring and tile installation in account, which requires some time as good work cannot be done in haste.

In the bathroom, the mirror is indispensable and the glass shelves and screens are also well known and popular. However, there can be also other glass objects in the bathroom. We are going to give you some information, which parts of the bathroom equipment can be made of glass and which of them you can buy for your home.

Do you like glass in the bathroom? It makes the space lighter, it makes some objects subtler while it highlights others, and it is certain to increase the whole design level of the space.

In addition to small accessories (such as soap holder, cups or shelves), the screens around the bathtub and the bathroom mirrors, other parts of the bathroom can be made of glass, as well. The glass wall panels, more or less open screens and mosaics are increasingly popular. Glass is also used for furniture, sometimes even for the sanitary equipment, the lighting andr the door.


You Need Not To Be Afraid

The glass is practical, as it mostly forms a smooth surface that is easy to maintain. The glass used for larger areas is made firmer by hardening, so that it becomes almost unbreakable during normal use. It can be easily combined with other materials. The stained glass does not fade its colour while the clear glass brightens the space. If you solve the problem of the lack of light, a skylight or a glass door will be helpful. And finally, the glass can take over the function of the lighting in part.


The Charming Accessories And The Mirrors

Even by replacing some small elements, your bathroom´s look may improve noticeably.

If you want to choose several accessories, make sure they are not in various designs and implementations.  Do not combine rounded shapes with sharp shapes or clear glass with matte glass, you should also pay attention to the unification of the chrome parts. The mirrors can be replaced easily. If you want to enlarge the room visually, use the mirrors without the frames.


The Furniture

The glass shelves as well as the galleries with storage space are common in the bathrooms. Glass can however be also used for the furniture, usually on its front surface. The glass can carry a graphic motif or a LED diode strip, which is designed for wet conditions, an expert says.

The glass panes are a clever solution, too. Glass and artificial stone are the best materials for the wash basin boards. Other materials get damaged through normal use or they are sensitive to prolonged exposure to water, a designer adds.


The Traditional And The Modern Tiles

You can line the walls with mosaics, however the new trend prefers large glass tiles, which are usually stuck to the wall (you can stick them even on the existing ceramic tiles, provided they are even and technically sound). They have no joints, which could keep dirt or mould in, and they can be decorated with any motif.


The Sanitary Equipment Differently

The basins made of tempered safety glass are the most frequent. The conventional minor bumps do not damage them unless hit heavily, when a crack appears at the point of the impact. However, the basin will not break into pieces and it will always retain its shape.


To The Bath Or To The Shower

The screen can have many forms: it can be fixed, partially fixed or entirely movable. You can combine the solid panel with the hinged one and the shapes are numerous, too. The glass panel can sometimes work as a dividing element, which partially divides the space. Glass can be chosen in many variants: it can be clear, frosty, stained, sandblasted or it can have a decorative motif.

The glass can have different kinds of surfaces, which make its maintenance easier. They include the anti-plaque treatment, which causes the water to flow down in trickles, so it flows faster and does not leave any drops. The sediments from the water still get partially captured on the glass, but they can be cleaned more easily.

The “Anti Calc” treatment prevents the scale and the condensation of water vapour from forming; they both lead to the unsightly drops and “maps” on the glass.

The mirrors can have the anti-fog treatment.


The Benefits Of Clear Glass

The clear glass does not create a visual barrier in the room. For example, a small bathroom with a glass shower screen looks more open than if you used a shower curtain or a brick partition.


The Nanotechnology

The nanotech products can be applied retroactively virtually on every surface which is clean and free of grease, including the surfaces in the bathroom. They contain nanoparticles, which fill every microscopic unevenness of the surface and create a protective film, on that nothing gets stuck. This kind of surface is also antibacterial.


You should not skimp on a child, but to get bankrupted because of a newborn baby is not very strategic, too. So what is worth to invest in, when you are expecting a baby?

Of course, we do not want so suggest, you should make a baby crib out of a drawer and to bathe the baby in a sink (but the baby would probably survive it in good health).

When you are expecting your first child, you usually tend to buy anything that seems to be helpful to you. But when you expect your second and third baby, you already know that it is not all essential.  The manufacturers of children’s goods and equipment must constantly come up with new products, otherwise their business would not boom. Fortunately, your newborn baby does not have a shopping spree yet, so it will not mind, if you save on it reasonably.


A Stroller

A stroller is definitely worth to invest in, however it does not mean you should take the one with the highest price tag. Read reviews, ask friends, consider your lifestyle and where and how you are going to travel with the baby.


A Baby Carrier

The scarves for carrying babies are hit nowadays, but it does not mean they will be ideal for you, as well. A specially designed baby carrier is a much safer option, where you know exactly what you are going to get. If you are going to take turns in wearing it often, be careful so that the carrier suits both the partners – or you can buy two carriers.


A Baby Car Seat

If you have a car, a baby seat is absolutely necessary. You cannot save much on it, too, but you can buy a fully functional seat from your friends, whose baby is already too big for it.


The Nursing Pillow

Who have not tried, will not believe it – a special pillow for nursing provides a mother with a comfort that becomes necessary during the strenuous care of a baby. Your baby will be happy and you will not ruin your back.


A Highchair

Your baby can sleep in many places (until it starts to crawl), but it will need its own chair. Pay attention to its stability and its protection against accidental fall, above all.


Cloth Diapers

In comparison with the previous items, it is no big investment. However, they are important, even if you are going to use the disposable diapers. A well laundered cloth diaper will help you in many ways: during breastfeeding, for wiping of spilled food or for shading the stroller against the sunbeams.


Where Can You Save Then?

More and more people abandon the baby baths that take up too much space in an apartment and  are not necessary. Instead of it, you can use either a special space-saving bath bucket, or you can simply bathe the baby in a large clean sink. When it becomes too small for the baby, it will probably already be able sit and therefore be able to use a normal bath.

A special bag for diapers, that some stores will force you, is not necessary, too.  It can be simply replaced by a normal bigger handbag and moreover, it is often in a sporty design which is not very beautiful. And as a matter of fact, when you go on a family trip, you take the diapers in a backpack rather than in a hand bag, don´t you?

You will naturally need the clothing for the baby, however, it need not to be an expensive item. You can simply add the clothes, you get from your friends and family or you buy cheaply on the bazaars of children’s clothing, to the new pieces. Do not forget to wash thoroughly all the “second hand” equipment, of course.

As told before, a special cot is not necessary at the beginning, but you will need it later, when your baby starts to discover the world a little.


Although the conventional ceramic tiles are the bathroom stable, the glass tiles have their advantages, too. The glass impresses at first glance by its ability to reflect and refract light and it is unique due to the colour range and the fresh surface.

The glass was used for lining already in the ancient times. Today’s modern technology allows creating the material of unique physical and optical properties at a reasonable price.


glass tiles


The Surface Treatment Of Glass

The Sandblasted Glass

The process of sandblasting consists of disrupting the surface of the glass with a stream of sand sprayed under pressure. The surface looks matte after the treatment. In fact, a large amount of sharp, shiny fractures are created in the glass surface. The disadvantage of the treatment is the fact that it is relatively hard to maintain, and dirt, grease and fingerprints easily adhere in the folds.


The Etched Glass

If you treat the glass surface with acid, you achieve the matte effect, again. Unfortunately, the acid creates unevenness in the surface so it easily keeps the dirt in.


The Frosted Glass

We can achieve the frosted glass effect by applying a layer of hardened materials to the clear surface. This treatment is the most inexpensive.



The “smalti” material is coloured through and opaque. It is made by adding metal oxides in the hot melted glass. The “smalti” is then poured into irregular flat cakes and, after cooling, it is split into small cubes, so each piece is an original. They are used as small tiles and often in mosaics.


The Cast Glass

The glass sheets are melted at a high temperature and paint is melted to their back sides. If you look at the tile from a side, you will see the paint. Overall, this method produces an effect of a significant depth of the tile.


Shaping In A Mould

We can shape the glass tiles by means of a mould. The mixture of glass dust and paint is melted at high temperatures and then allowed to harden in the mould.



“Terrazzo” is a special kind of glass mixed with concrete or other connective mixtures.


Be In And Let The Glass In

The current trend is the combination of large and small formats, e.g. a glass mosaic and large-size glass tiles.


The laundering is one of the more agreeable home chores, at least since we technologically overcame a washboard and a mangle. Even though, some advice may come in handy.

Do you think everyone can do the washing? Not quite so, as only the experienced and informed ones can do it well, efficiently and with the least effort.

We do not mean you need a special course to operate an automatic washing machine, however thinking well is useful. So that you, above all, had a minimum of troubles with the laundry and linen stayed nice as long as possible.


Sorting By Colours?

Yes, but not as if you had the OCD. It means you need not to wash the green, yellow, blue and red items separately.  Keep in mind the rule of four stacks: the light, dark, colourful and white linen.

We need not to explain the white. But the clothes of a bright colour, not pure white, deserve a special pile. The dark pile can contain everything from black to gray, dark blue, dark green… you certainly know. The “colour” pile should include everything colourful and bright that should not release its dye into your bed sheets.


A Powder Or A Gel?

In general, the washing powder makes more sense on the light linen and at higher temperatures. On the contrary, the gel is better for colourful clothes and works better at about 40 °C.

If the laundry is dirty and has specific stains, keep in mind that a powder removes better the visible traces, while a gel can cope with the grease and sweat.

By the way, the special gels for coloured clothes are usually needless; there is usually no actual difference between them and the ordinary washing gels.


Use The Fabric Softener Moderately

Despite what the manufacturers preach, a fabric softener hardly ever contributes to the longer life of the fabric, and sometimes it can even impair it. It is not suitable e.g. for clothes with a part of elastic fibres, as it reduces their flexibility eventually.

The light clothes can go gray when using the fabric softener frequently. Nor it is suitable for towels and bath towels, because it reduces their absorbency. So try to use only about a half the recommended dosage of the fabric softener.


The Faster, The Better?

Are you accustomed to using the highest speed when spinning your laundry, in order to dry the linen faster? It is questionable if it is really worth it. In fact, we usually do not need to have the linen dry within an hour and the intense spin-drying has its drawbacks.

The first one is obvious – it is more energy intensive, which becomes evident in long term. Nor it is beneficial to the fabric, e.g. the structure of denim can become disrupted eventually when using a high speed, whereas other fabrics can shrink. And finally, the higher the spin, the longer the ironing. Try to use 400 spins on your clothes and then hang them on a string. Not only the air in your home will be better, moreover, the clothes will need only a few strokes with an iron to by nicely smooth.

We do not want to frighten you – not really. But if you do pay attention to the cleanliness, you should also look at places where normally the sun (or the bulb) does not get.

Is there an evil disease lurking in hidden corners of your apartment? Most likely, it is not. But when cleaning, it is good to remember the places you would normally ignore.

The bacteria are living with us, and they are good – it would be much worse without them. But they are not always helpful. Those living on a few forgotten and hardly ever cleaned places of your apartment can unnecessarily cause an infection (or just to be a mysterious source of unpleasant smells).


A Cup Of Coffee?

Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every day. While the standard and electric kettles are relatively easy to clean (because we are aware of their uncleanness), we tend to forget the coffee machines. That is way you should always keep your kitchen in the same condition in which you would like to see your favourite restaurant´s kitchen.

Although we do not realize it much, the coffee contains oils, which are very apt to deposit in coffee machines of all types. Although manufacturers recommend the standard procedures for cleaning of the filters, you should also clean all the parts that come in contact with coffee by means of vinegar about once every six months.


The Enemy Lurks In The Bathroom

The bacteria like dark and damp places, which are numerous in a bathroom. You have one of them literary at your hand: when did you last look into your toothbrush cup? If it is more than a month, the toothbrush is now probably partially dipped in something you would not like to touch with your bare hand.

A bath mat is another treacherous place, as it soaks not only water but also the sweat from your feet. The best solution is to get a few bath mats and wash frequently – basically whenever you put the towels in the washing machine. You do not need to worry, unless your mat is soiled heavily, it will not do anything to the towels and the hot water with the washing powder remove the bacteria.


The TV Addiction Is Harmful

Not only mentally harmful. Long sitting impairs your digestion, weakens your muscles and bring you about back problems – and you also touch ugly critters every day. Do not believe?

Try to get a close look at your remote control then. It is very likely, you will find greasy deposits around the buttons formed by your sweat combined with other particles, tiny crumbs of food, dust particles etc. Not to mention what a surprise you would find if you disassembled the remote control.

A similar problem appears on computer keyboards and mice or on mobile phones. Hardly anyone washes his or her hands before using them and that is how they look in a few months.


Some parts of cleaning can be done almost automatically, while others, such as cleaning the joints in a tile floor, tempt us to contract a cleaning service or to spray the whole bathroom with bleach.

In short: it will probably never be easy to clean the grout. If you cannot stand the brown-grey shade of the strips between the tiles, you will always have to struggle with it somehow. Anyway, there is a help.

The only quick means of whitening the joints are the whitening markers or pens. However, they have a major drawback – you will need three or more of them to clean an average sized bathroom, because their life is very short. So you should start other plans.


Bleaching? Grinding?

In general, you should not clean the joints with anything that could disrupt their structure and rub the grout out. It is of course easier said than done, because you get the dirt out only by scrubbing or chemical bleaching (unless you coat the dirt regularly with white paint).

Therefore, this rule requires a certain benevolence. You can scrub the joints, but reasonably, without undue pressure and without the use of liquid sand or other sands. The same holds for chemical cleaning (even by natural means, as they are chemicals, too), which should be gradual and gentle.


The Professionals ´ Tricks

The professional cleaners have their own tricks for the joints. These include commercial cleaners, cooking ingredients as well as unusual instruments.

To save as much work as possible, try to spray the joints with hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes and then brush the joints and wipe them with a damp cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Other people prefer the effective combination of baking soda and vinegar. They will not definitely fill your bathroom with a pleasant smell but they can handle most of the dirt between the tiles. Prepare a paste by mixing them and let it sit on the joints for a while before wiping it off.

You can also try steam cleaning, especially if you already have a steam cleaner at hand. The method is both economical and ecological, because it has the advantage of one-time investment. However, be careful about the type of grout – all of them should stand hot steam (it is a bathroom, after all), but a certain temperature may be too high for it.

If you are most frightened by the idea of tiresome mechanical scrubbing, try to take the electric toothbrush on the grout, with an old used head, of course. It will work much better than a normal toothbrush, which you are likely already using on the joints.

Tip: Whenever you use an aggressive cleanser, protect both your hands and your eyes; use the gloves and the goggles.


When The Mould Hits

The dingy joints are unpleasant but if there are traces of mould on them, the problem is more serious. As the ceramic tiles are typically used on places with high humidity, there is always a danger of mould, especially in hard to reach corners or on places we do not normally look at.

If mould has already hit the grout, it is necessary to get a special agent for mould removing and treat the tiles with it. In some cases, it is necessary to restore the joints because they lose their integrity, they get porous and they crumble.

To prevent these problems, do not omit the less accessible places when doing the cleaning and do not use too aggressive products or methods; they could disrupt the joints and thereby increase the danger, that they well be definitely destroyed by the mould.


As to remodelling, people often have neither the financial resources, nor enough free time to do a thorough reconstruction. However, it does not mean that you cannot rearrange your home noticeably.  You can start with your bathroom.

Although your bathroom may not need a major facelift, a little embellishment would certainly be beneficial. Here are a few tips that will help you.

Replacing the tiles, a new bath, a completely new lighting or new water taps, all these things cost quite a lot of money. You can put a new face to your bathroom even without similar big investments.


Add A Colour To The Wall

Repainting is a quick way to change virtually any room. If you do not want to start a larger project, you can choose just one wall and make it a so-called accent wall; the other ones should obviously remain in a neutral tone.

Even a little easier solution is to add a colour pattern to one of the walls. You can buy painter´s and decorator´s supplies (templates, large stamps) in a hobby shop, just do not forget to measure the size of the decor and plan it correctly the advance. A nice pattern can be created by a small motif with a proper spacing.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Art

In other words – try out some pictures. They are not only suitable for a living room or a bedroom, they will have a nice effect in a bathroom, too. You can watch them while relaxing in the tub, they will cheer you up in the mornings when you brush your teeth or they can soothe you before you go to bed.

Of course, do not place valuable works of art in a bathroom. Use reproductions or just photographs and put them in colour plastic frames. Do you have a large mirror in your bathroom? You can take some family photos and stick them on along the edges.


A New Curtain

Have you ever noticed what a big change can be made by an ordinary shower curtain? It is perfectly suitable for this, as it forms a large area which is very visible, but not pricey and easily replaceable; you can change the look of the bathroom by simply pushing it.

You do not need to buy the cheapest plastic curtain, as the fabric ones with a waterproof layer are also available. Alternatively, you can buy a few curtains and change them according to your mood every few weeks. How about buying e.g. a curtain in bright colours for the spring and summer time and a warmer fabric one for the autumn and winter time?


Put The Money On The Accessories

Strictly throw all the ugly plastic or cardboard boxes in which you have stored your cosmetics and other needs until now. Your bathroom needs supplements that upgrade it and make it a luxury spa delightful to look at.

Purchase wicker baskets, a porcelain soap dispenser and a toothbrush cup. Turn the old towels with faded colours to cleaning rags and purchase a set of towels and bath towels in a single colour that suits to the bathroom. You will see that the room is more attractive, at once.


Make Patterned Tiles From The White Ones

And finally, we have a tip for those who really love art. If you have the white tiles (either wall or floor ones) in your bathroom, you can decorate them with a pattern similar to what we said above.  Again, it can be a printed decor, a painting with a template or a completely free style painting.

Of course, not everyone is confident enough to take a brush straight on the tiles, but you need not despair, there is another option: the stickers. We talk about the residential stickers, which have been a big hit quite recently, and still can normally bought. Purchase a set of small motifs and stick them on the tiles in your bathroom in a way to form a decorative pattern.