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Children learn consideration and responsibility by taking care of a pet, however a dog brings many everyday duties. It is important to realize that he needed to be walked, fed, cared for his hair and above all, he needs to be given enough attention, so that he did not invest his energy e.g. into the destruction of shoes.

If you want buy a dog for your children, you should follow the characteristics of particular breeds. Look for dogs, which are less active. You also need to ensure in advance, if your kid is not allergic to dog hair.

You need to remember that it is a commitment for many years – 8 to 15 or more.

Keep also in mind that you go to work and your children go to school. You can preferably get a dog outside, or even a different pet, which will not feel lonely at home.



A cat is less demanding on your time. When kids are at school and you are at work, a cat can stay at home contentedly. He will not make much mess, as he can learn to use the cat toilet easily. Cats live an average of 12 years.

As to the care, cats need regular feeding. You do not need to worry about their hair, as cats can clean it well themselves.

When you teach the cat to use a carrier, he can even go on holiday with you. Do not forget regular deworming and visits to the vet.


Dwarf Rabbit

A dwarf rabbit can be trained to cleanliness well. It will even rush on call and it will like to cuddle. Although it does not required full-time care, the keeper must give it some time every day and let it run outside its housing for at least 4 hours a day.

A rabbit can learn certain principles and customs. Each dwarf rabbit is a unique personality. There are nice and clean individuals as well as lifelong “pigs” and naughty ones.

In most cases, they are relatively sensitive to disease. The standard dwarf rabbit has a weight of 1 to 1.5 kg. But it is not guaranteed that it will not grow bigger.

Remember that it is necessary to change the bedding and water often and to buy goodies for it to have vitamins. Do not forget the hay and twigs, as rabbits need to gnaw with their teeth. To begin with, you need to buy a special housing (a cage, a plastic box), a drinking fountain, a bowl, food and bedding. A rabbit lives on average 6-8 years.



They are perfect for beginners. If your kid wants a pet, you can start with goldfish. Although the kid will not be able to cuddle with them, he or she will learn to take care of them, and you will see whether the enthusiasm lasts.

You need to get a sufficiently large fish tank, some plants, stones, the filters for water purification, air bubble maker, light and warmer. After this, the care is simple: the goldfish need just to be fed once a day. There are many different species of goldfish, some of them are demanding on the water purity and some can even do without the filter and heater, if you change the water daily and if you bubble fresh air through a straw. They can live up to 16 years.



It is one of popular pets. It usually does not bite, so it is suitable for kids. A guinea-pig can reach the weight up to 1.2 kg. Guinea-pigs are very active and they reproduce very quickly. It is not recommended to keep two or more males at the same time.

The cage must have a minimum of 80×50 cm. It should be placed in a bright and not overheated room, without draft and noise. There are terrariums and plastic boxes available. The diet should be varied and regular, twice a day at the same time. The fresh food needs to be at room temperature. The improper foods include leek, potatoes, onion and garlic.

Guinea-pig´s teeth grow constantly, so it needs hay, stems and twigs from fruit trees to gnaw on. Use a water fountain, as water intake is very important for them. Be prepared for the sounds a guinea-pig makes: squeaking, bubbling, clicking its teeth or “singing”. The life expectancy is 5-8 years.


Ferrets have a sweet and playful character like cats. You can walk it on a leash and you can keep in an apartment similarly to a dog. A ferret needs a large cage or aviary, where it sleeps most of the day. Place a ferret toilet in every room, in which your ferret has access. As to toys, a tube from TP or plush toys are sufficient, however an ordinary plastic bag is probably its favourite.

The ideal food is high quality meat granules designed specifically for ferrets. Ferrets like fruit or vegetables, too. Do not forget to allow your ferret a constant access to drinking water.

A ferret is a social creature, so it suffers much when it feels alone and neglected. If you do not have enough time for it, you would better not to acquire it. When a ferret suffers, it starts to bite or becomes ill. A ferret lives up to 6-8 years.



If you take good care of it, a rat can become a great pet. It is intelligent, playful, clean, docile, and it does not require much space for living.

Its cage or glass tank should be placed in a room with a constant temperature up to 22 °C. A rat must be protected from drafts, but it also needs a sufficient air circulation. That is why a cage is better than a glass tank. Before you let the rat out of it, it is necessary to remove all poisonous plants (such as cyclamen, agave, azalea, ivy, hyacinth and others) from the room/s.

You also need to secure all gaps between the furniture and walls, from where you would not be able to get a rat out. Do not forget to close the window. Allow the rat to return into its cage to drink or eat whenever it needs. A rat can live up to 3-4 years.



Although tortoises are herbivores, they should not be fed only with herbs. Apart from the fresh leaves from trees and other plants (clover, dandelions, kohlrabi), they should occasionally get hay, egg yolks and some raw meat. Granulated food is suitable, too.

Correct breeding requires a supply of UV light. In a terrarium, an artificial source of UV light is necessary.

Tortoises require a constant and adequate humidity. It is questionable, whether hibernation is necessary for them. Some breeders claim that winterizing is significant, but also very risky. Therefore, if you do not want to risk it, let the turtle find its daily rhythm and composure itself.

Tortoises require less care than turtles which need changing of fresh water regularly. Anyway, keep in mind that a tortoise can live up to 80 years! In a pet shop, you can buy one provided with a chip and its number from a database.



Tarantula is a very popular pet. It is quiet and needs a little space for living. There are many kinds, sizes and colours of them.

A tarantula likes to eat crickets, cockroaches and little mice or rodents. In addition to food, it needs a constant access to water. Use a loose bedding in its terrarium so that it can burrow. Various holes and hiding places are ideal for tarantulas. Be careful about sharp edges where it can get injured. The ideal temperature is 25-35 °C.

The tarantulas regularly leave their old skin which remains intact. They live up to 25 years.

Warning: It should be noted that it is not recommended to acquire a tarantula if you are an amateur keeper, who has no experience with keeping spiders and similar creatures. You always need to practice extreme caution when handling tarantulas. Their bite should not be fatal, however it is very painful!


African Giant Snail

Breeding of a giant snail needs some courage. Not everyone has the desire to cuddle with such a creature, however it is quite undemanding. It grows up the length of 30 cm and when adult, it weighs 300 grams.

Snails eat fruit, Chinese cabbage, chunks of cheese, boiled pasta, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, moss or cuttings from apples and cucumbers.

They need air humidity of 90% and a temperature of about 27 °C. They can also be kept in a plastic box with holes, however make sure you get a glass terrarium with a minimum size of 50×40 cm. The bedding should be made of coconut substrate. Occasionally they can be given a cuttlebone or crushed egg shells – their shell will be hard and shiny then. Do not forget a large water pool, where the snail can bathe. In captivity, it can live up to 7 years.


You Need To Change It!

It is not pleasant if a visit comes to your home and they can smell right at the entrance, you keep a dog or a cat at home. What can you do with the smells which pets sometimes spread around them?

However intensive your cleaning is, your pets can well upset your idea of a scented home. In this case, how can you get rid of unwanted odours from your house or your apartment reliably? We have found out, what is available on the market.


Cleaning And Disinfection

In order your pets did not leave “scent” in your home, do not neglect regular cleaning, which is based on replacing of bedding for hamsters and rabbits, or litter from the cat toilet; these are the main sources of unpleasant odours. An occasional accident in the form of a puddle should be removed as the fast as possible.

Of course, you can utilize all natural means, e.g. water with vinegar, baking soda or a regular soda water, which can remove both the stain and the odour. You can use a commercial product, too; it is up to you whether it is a chlorine or non-chlorine one.

“You do not need to be afraid of hypochlorite products as they have been successfully used for decades already. With proper handling and following the instructions, they are great helpers in the home. Their definite advantage is the fact that they destroy 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses and remove dirt and unwanted odours. So they eliminate exactly the issues, that you are worried about in animal breeding,” an expert says.

If you choose a hypochlorite product, dilute it according to the instructions, apply it, let it work and then rinse it off. The surfaces which come in contact with food must be rinsed with drinking water after 30 minutes, and then let air dry for the same time. After this time, the sodium hypochlorite is fully decomposed, and you can safely free your pet back to its dwelling.


Odour Absorbers

Even if you do your best, there are situations when you do not have the time for a thorough cleaning and you need to get rid of the odour quickly. If you smell an unpleasant odour in your home, spray the home textiles (curtains, upholstery, carpets) with an odour absorber. However choose one, which neutralizes and swallows odours, not just covers them with a scent.

The cats love comfortable hideaways and elevated safe places where they can lurk. The following products enable this perfectly. And some of them even solve the need for scraper or a toilet.


Library Adapted For Cats


Mini Bedroom For Your Cat


Indiana Jones Style Cat Bridge


Play Table For Cats


Cat Scratch Board Table


Cat Tunnel Couch


Cat Toilets/Bathrooms – All In One



Cat Transit System


Cat House Planter


Cat Hammocks


Cat Bed On A Radiator


Hidden In A Side Table


Grassy Table For Cats


Cat Tee Pee


Bed And Scratching In One


Rocking Chair Both For Humans And For Cats


Playground At The Ceiling


Egg-Shaped Pod


Outdoor Catwalk


“Catissa ” Cat Tree


Cat Burger Bed


Cat Bed “Shark”


Do you love cats? If you have enough creativity and plenty of money, you can get inspired by a man from California, who transformed his house literally a into a cat paradise.

He paid about $ 35,000 for the perfect transformation. The spiral ramps, walkways, scrapers and various rest areas are established for his 18 cats. The loving mister also installed a sophisticated ventilation system that supplies his house with fresh air for his cats.


The house owner created a truly creative living space out of his house. However, would you spend such an amount for a home transformation for your pets?


Have you succumbed to the children´s pressure on the Christmas and got a dog? Read on to see our advice, how to make the common beginnings easier both for it and for you.

What can you expect and what should you avoid when sharing your home with a new canine friend?

Like all young, the dog´s pups are curious and they like exploring their surroundings. There is nothing wrong on the puppy´s curiosity, however it is good to protect it from the things, that might come to harm or that can injure the puppy.


Chewing Forbidden

Well, the things not intended for it, at least. We all know that puppies love the rubber chew toys. But it is hard to explain them the difference between a toy and e.g. a remote control for the TV.

The rule No 1 is, remove everything tempting and forbidden from the dog’s reach. Keep in mind, when a puppy gets to something valuable to you, it’s not its fault, but just your carelessness!


The Dangers of The Electronics

The same rule naturally applies to any cables or other components of electronic devices that could tempt the dog to bite. You can buy a storage system, in which the cables can easily be hidden, in most electronics or household goods stores.

Anyway, it does not mean you have to deny all the benefits of electronic devices to your puppy. When you leave it home alone for a while, try to e.g. let the music on, that you usually listen to. The familiar sounds soothe the dogs.


Not To Get Injured

A dog differs from a cat and cannot crawl in every hole, still you should better check whether there are any cracks or gaps in your apartment, wherein the puppy could get trapped or injured. If you find any, cover them with a piece of plywood or other suitable material.


A Doormat For The Dog

In each household, it is ideal to have a rough mat at the door and a softer one inside. But the dog, you have walk regularly, is in a different situation. Although it is often muddy after the walks, its paws cannot stand the harsh grid of a rubber mat, especially if it is a puppy.

Keep it in mind and prepare a piece of old fabric or straw mat at the door. The puppy can run over it, if it finds your doormat too uncomfortable. An alternative is a coarse cloth stored in your shoe cabinet.


Do you need a quick training on parenting? Get a kitten. Both a baby and a cat can change your life immensely.

Do you feel sometimes, that sharing a household with a cat is a test of patience for you? You are absolutely wrong. Contrariwise, a cat is the best thing that can happen to her owner.

But how does a cat improve the quality of your life in such a significant way?


A Living Heater

There is nothing like a purring cat curled up at your numb feet. Of course, you cannot make her to do so and you have to wait until she decides herself, but when this happens, you suddenly have a friend and an electric blanket in one – and it is worth it. What is more, do not forget the direct correlation – the more cats, the more warmth.


An Alarm Clock (Nearly) For Free

Do you ever happen to forget to set an alarm in the evening? The cat is sure, even in the case you do not need (or even do not want) to get up early. When the time is right, ideally at 5.30 a.m., she jumps on your stomach and reminds you, it is the time to get up and to be productive. Ideally, she brings you a dead mouse in your bedroom, so that she was an example for you.


There Is Never A Lack Of Surprise

Speaking of the mice – if your cat is really a strong and talented character, she does not bring the mouse directly to you, but she hides it cleverly, so that you had a big surprise later. There is nothing like trying to vacuum the dust under the cabinets, when the appliance starts to sucks something that it definitely should not suck…


She Does Not Let You Get Fat

You may have already noticed that every cat is “programmed” to disturb you continuously while you are watching TV, reading, eating, working at the computer, and doing other activities that let you grow fatter. But as the cats are sophisticated creatures, they do not disturb you at all time. Conversely, the cat calms you down by behaving quite mannerly, and she only attacks when you began to concentrate on your activity.


You Need Not To Entertain Her

A dog needs your attention. He brings you a ball, bones or other things, he wants to fetch and run with you, he simply wants to play with you. A cat, in contrast, can be alone. Your funny faces do not trouble her, she ignores your commands and she would rather bite her tail off than to fetch her ball of yarn to you.


The Matter Of Perspective

When living with a cat in your household, you get accustomed to an individual with varying mood, so all your human friends will suddenly seem a little friendlier and you might have more understanding for them. Or at least you appreciate, they pay a drink for you occasionally and they buy a birthday present for you. As to cats, however, is best not to expect anything. It is the only way to get often a pleasant surprise in the form of a cuddly and friendly creature.


We keep the pets at home because they make us happy. Despite it, there are some troubles related to them, and the dog´s and cat´s owners are usually aware of them.

The pet s´ hair tends to get caught almost everywhere: on a sofa, on chairs, carpets and even on wooden furniture. But what can you do to avoid it? Try out the following tips.


Start From The Pet

The rule No 1 is: Take good care of your pet´s hair so that it does not lose it unnecessarily all over your apartment. In practice, it means to brush it twice a week, at least (but it naturally depends on the type of your pet´s hair and how often the pet moults). Regular bathing or trimming the hair also helps, if it appropriate for the breed.


The Furniture

If you have upholstered furniture and pieces with fabric coverings in you home, is recommended to use the double-sided tape or the rollers you use to remove the dust and hair from your clothes. But there is a drawback, however: the furniture´s surface is much larger then you clothes, so you will have to use plenty of the adhesive tape, especially if you have to get your chairs or couch rid of the hair continuously every day.

The alternative is a rubber glove; you moisten it and go lightly over the surface of the furniture. The hairs stick to it and you can rinse them away easily in a sink with a strainer. You can also spray the furniture with the mixture of water and fabric softener and wipe it gently away.

Use an anti-static spray and a soft cloth on any wooden furniture. The static is a major problem when removing your pet´s hair, because it causes its adhesion to places you want to remove it from. The spray for wooden furniture prevents the phenomenon.


The Floors

The carpets are obviously the most likely items to capture the pet´s hair. If you want to have both pets and carpets at home, you will have to get accustomed to more frequent vacuuming. Still there may be some troubles, anyway.

To get the hair hidden inside the fibres out of the carpet, run it over against the direction of the texture with the bath pumice. The carpet fibres get straightened and you will have a better access to the dirt inside. When vacuum cleaning, do it against the direction of the texture first and then in other directions, to remove as much hair as possible.

On a smooth floor, do not sweep the hair, as it would only fly around the room or get caught in the broom; nor remove it with a wet cloth or a wet mop, because it would be difficult to get it out later. A dry electrostatic mop it is the best solution.


The Clothes

The classic sticky rollers are more useful on clothes than on the textile coated furniture. Keep one ready right in your hall, so it is always at hand when you are leaving your home.

Next method requires using a tumble dryer, if you have one at home. Even after a short tumble drying, the hairs fall off and gather in the filter, so you can remove them much more easily; the filter is intended for capturing of dry dirt, after all.

What should you prepare for when getting a larger dog into your apartment?

Are you a fan of big dogs, but you hesitate, if the chosen breed is appropriate for an apartment? In that case, you can be sure that even a big dog can live a happy life as a “home” dog.

This mainly depends on the responsibility of his master, who takes a considerable responsibility when acquiring a dog. The most important thing your dog needs is your presence. A dog “locked” in the apartment all day, but in the presence of his master, will undoubtedly be happier than a dog alone in his kennel or even in a garden.


We Have Brought A Puppy

The purchase of a puppy is usually a big event in the family. We tend to pamper the puppy, stroke it whenever it whimpers, we take it to our beds. But be careful – we should set clear rules from the very beginning. A dog´s memory is excellent especially for things comfortable to him. As soon as we bring the puppy home, we must show it its place. It should be a place where the puppy is not disturbed and feels safe. Ordering a heavy hairy creature out of your bed every night or waking up all sore beside it in the morning is not always funny.


The Puppy Grows Big

When the puppy grows, it often has too much energy – this can be a big problem particularly by a dog kept in an apartment. Chewed carpets, slippers and pillows or scratched doors can be the evidence. If we cannot spend the time with the dog yourself and let it run outside, we should buy him some toys. Every pet shop will be happy to give you advice.


Have Enough Fresh Air

The owner soon learns, the more time he or she spends outside with the dog, the better. According to the dog’s behaviour you can see very easily, when he start to be restless because of “doing nothing”, and he when makes his master to take him out for a walk. We should walk the dog three times a day, at least.  Only frequent walks teach the dog good habits not to “do his business” in the apartment but only outside.

There is one more positive aspect of going out with the dog – he gets tired enough and is not “misbehaving” at home later. If possible, let the dog run enough, e.g. fetching is ideal (if you are lucky and your dog accepts this activity). If he does not, there is an option to run with the dog yourself. If you do not have such a physical condition, a bike would help you, but in some cases masters walk their dogs even from their cars.  It is a bit non-standard approach, but if both the dog and his master like it, why not.


The Dog – A Loyal And Unselfish Friend

All the dog lovers will certainly confirm, that there is no better welcome after returning home than your dog can give to you. A dog can wait all day patiently to give us all his love. The Classics say, that “he wants nothing except your attention but he gives you everything in return”. Many of us cannot imagine living without a dog, as he is a family member, one of us, the indispensable part of our homes.


Not everyone is a true dog person or a true cat person. Some people simply thing about getting a pet and consider both options. Read on to find out, if a cat or a dog fits to you.

The cute kitties and playful pupies appeal to the children just like living teddy bears. Who could resist them?

“Mom, I want a puppy/a kitten, please …” the kids beg using the asertive and effective method of a worn gramophone record, so they repeat their wish again and again. Eventually we solve the question, whether a cat or a dog and what kind of them.


A Dog – A Loyal Friend

If you live in an apartment, you mostly want a small dog. It is a matter for consideration, as smaller dogs are often noisier, more restless and even more aggressive than bigger dogs. A dog means a big commitment for the family. It brings you much joy, but extra duty, as well. Purchasing dogs food and regular deworming and vaccination by the vet is actually the least thing. The dog wants to go out every day, wants to be trained, wants to play or “work”.

Will the dog travel with the family on the vacation or should you get someone to take care of it? And who? It is good to pass at least the basic training in the dog´s training center with the dog to learn him to respond to the basic instructions and commands. Later you should exercise the acquired skills during the regular walks. The dogs get well socialized in a training centre, they get accustomed to other dogs there and are not aggressive to them any more. When deciding which four-legged friend you choose, you also have to consider whether a female or male dog. Both have their pros and cons: a female dog has her heat period twice a year and you will have to drive potential “grooms” away, while a dog gets lost easily because of a female dog in heat.

A dog rewards his owners for a good care. He is a living alarm who arouses the whole family when he smells a foreign person outside and he joyfully welcomes all of the family, who are the members of his pack, and tolerates them many things.


What Breed Fits Us?

The Labradors and the Retrievers are popular especially in families with children because of their friendly nature. The Yorkshire Terrier is a „pocket dog“, very decorative, but in an unguarded moment, he can serve as a catch for big dogs who take him as a prey. The Cocker Spaniels and the Dachshunds are sought for their attractive appearance but they are nervous. Their bite to the calf is not fatal but definitely painful. It is said that dogs resemble their masters. When going out, check out the walking dog owners, maybe there is some truth in the saying.


A Cat – A Proud Individuality

Cats can be kept in an apartment without access to a garden, but in this case it is better to get a kitten that is not accustomed to going out yet. The kittens learn to use the litter box very soon, they are tidy, and that is why you have to clean the toilet regulary, so that they did not choose other location. You cannot train a cat, she is an independent creature. She can show her love and affection to those who take good care of her.

A cat does not tolerate much from her owners. What a dog stands, a cat does not stand. She has sharp claws and teeth and growls menacingly at an enemy. Otherwise, she is a quiet companion, who sleeps during the day in a decorative position, preferably on your newspapers or in your favorite armchair. Male cats roam much more than female cats, but if they are neutered, they remain at home or nearby.


The Shorthaired, The Longhaired

The most common type of a cat is the European Shorthair. It is undemanding, modest and nice. It does not require much care unlike longhaired cats, such as Persian cats, whose fur needs a regular care. The Burmese cats are popular for their exotic appearance, they are lively, bold and athletic; Siamese cats are noisy, blue-eyed and distinctly individualistic.  The cats, who have long been kept for hunting for mice, are today nice though headstrong companions for their breeders.


Like Master Like Pet

The lifestyle of the future breeders is crucial for choosing a pet. A quiet independent cat will rather suit to busy people, while sporty families or lonely older people will certainly be able to take care of a dog. After all, the selection is a heart matter and a question of tendency towards canine or feline, anyway. A dog and a cat in the same household usually stand each well. And sometimes you can even catch them having a nap together in one bed.