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A Cat Or A Dog?

Not everyone is a true dog person or a true cat person. Some people simply thing about getting a pet and consider both options. Read on to find out, if a cat or a dog fits to you.

The cute kitties and playful pupies appeal to the children just like living teddy bears. Who could resist them?

“Mom, I want a puppy/a kitten, please …” the kids beg using the asertive and effective method of a worn gramophone record, so they repeat their wish again and again. Eventually we solve the question, whether a cat or a dog and what kind of them.


A Dog – A Loyal Friend

If you live in an apartment, you mostly want a small dog. It is a matter for consideration, as smaller dogs are often noisier, more restless and even more aggressive than bigger dogs. A dog means a big commitment for the family. It brings you much joy, but extra duty, as well. Purchasing dogs food and regular deworming and vaccination by the vet is actually the least thing. The dog wants to go out every day, wants to be trained, wants to play or “work”.

Will the dog travel with the family on the vacation or should you get someone to take care of it? And who? It is good to pass at least the basic training in the dog´s training center with the dog to learn him to respond to the basic instructions and commands. Later you should exercise the acquired skills during the regular walks. The dogs get well socialized in a training centre, they get accustomed to other dogs there and are not aggressive to them any more. When deciding which four-legged friend you choose, you also have to consider whether a female or male dog. Both have their pros and cons: a female dog has her heat period twice a year and you will have to drive potential “grooms” away, while a dog gets lost easily because of a female dog in heat.

A dog rewards his owners for a good care. He is a living alarm who arouses the whole family when he smells a foreign person outside and he joyfully welcomes all of the family, who are the members of his pack, and tolerates them many things.


What Breed Fits Us?

The Labradors and the Retrievers are popular especially in families with children because of their friendly nature. The Yorkshire Terrier is a „pocket dog“, very decorative, but in an unguarded moment, he can serve as a catch for big dogs who take him as a prey. The Cocker Spaniels and the Dachshunds are sought for their attractive appearance but they are nervous. Their bite to the calf is not fatal but definitely painful. It is said that dogs resemble their masters. When going out, check out the walking dog owners, maybe there is some truth in the saying.


A Cat – A Proud Individuality

Cats can be kept in an apartment without access to a garden, but in this case it is better to get a kitten that is not accustomed to going out yet. The kittens learn to use the litter box very soon, they are tidy, and that is why you have to clean the toilet regulary, so that they did not choose other location. You cannot train a cat, she is an independent creature. She can show her love and affection to those who take good care of her.

A cat does not tolerate much from her owners. What a dog stands, a cat does not stand. She has sharp claws and teeth and growls menacingly at an enemy. Otherwise, she is a quiet companion, who sleeps during the day in a decorative position, preferably on your newspapers or in your favorite armchair. Male cats roam much more than female cats, but if they are neutered, they remain at home or nearby.


The Shorthaired, The Longhaired

The most common type of a cat is the European Shorthair. It is undemanding, modest and nice. It does not require much care unlike longhaired cats, such as Persian cats, whose fur needs a regular care. The Burmese cats are popular for their exotic appearance, they are lively, bold and athletic; Siamese cats are noisy, blue-eyed and distinctly individualistic.  The cats, who have long been kept for hunting for mice, are today nice though headstrong companions for their breeders.


Like Master Like Pet

The lifestyle of the future breeders is crucial for choosing a pet. A quiet independent cat will rather suit to busy people, while sporty families or lonely older people will certainly be able to take care of a dog. After all, the selection is a heart matter and a question of tendency towards canine or feline, anyway. A dog and a cat in the same household usually stand each well. And sometimes you can even catch them having a nap together in one bed.