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Where Can Bacteria Be Hidden?

We do not want to frighten you – not really. But if you do pay attention to the cleanliness, you should also look at places where normally the sun (or the bulb) does not get.

Is there an evil disease lurking in hidden corners of your apartment? Most likely, it is not. But when cleaning, it is good to remember the places you would normally ignore.

The bacteria are living with us, and they are good – it would be much worse without them. But they are not always helpful. Those living on a few forgotten and hardly ever cleaned places of your apartment can unnecessarily cause an infection (or just to be a mysterious source of unpleasant smells).


A Cup Of Coffee?

Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every day. While the standard and electric kettles are relatively easy to clean (because we are aware of their uncleanness), we tend to forget the coffee machines. That is way you should always keep your kitchen in the same condition in which you would like to see your favourite restaurant´s kitchen.

Although we do not realize it much, the coffee contains oils, which are very apt to deposit in coffee machines of all types. Although manufacturers recommend the standard procedures for cleaning of the filters, you should also clean all the parts that come in contact with coffee by means of vinegar about once every six months.


The Enemy Lurks In The Bathroom

The bacteria like dark and damp places, which are numerous in a bathroom. You have one of them literary at your hand: when did you last look into your toothbrush cup? If it is more than a month, the toothbrush is now probably partially dipped in something you would not like to touch with your bare hand.

A bath mat is another treacherous place, as it soaks not only water but also the sweat from your feet. The best solution is to get a few bath mats and wash frequently – basically whenever you put the towels in the washing machine. You do not need to worry, unless your mat is soiled heavily, it will not do anything to the towels and the hot water with the washing powder remove the bacteria.


The TV Addiction Is Harmful

Not only mentally harmful. Long sitting impairs your digestion, weakens your muscles and bring you about back problems – and you also touch ugly critters every day. Do not believe?

Try to get a close look at your remote control then. It is very likely, you will find greasy deposits around the buttons formed by your sweat combined with other particles, tiny crumbs of food, dust particles etc. Not to mention what a surprise you would find if you disassembled the remote control.

A similar problem appears on computer keyboards and mice or on mobile phones. Hardly anyone washes his or her hands before using them and that is how they look in a few months.