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Is A Big Dog Appropriate In An Apartment?

What should you prepare for when getting a larger dog into your apartment?

Are you a fan of big dogs, but you hesitate, if the chosen breed is appropriate for an apartment? In that case, you can be sure that even a big dog can live a happy life as a “home” dog.

This mainly depends on the responsibility of his master, who takes a considerable responsibility when acquiring a dog. The most important thing your dog needs is your presence. A dog “locked” in the apartment all day, but in the presence of his master, will undoubtedly be happier than a dog alone in his kennel or even in a garden.


We Have Brought A Puppy

The purchase of a puppy is usually a big event in the family. We tend to pamper the puppy, stroke it whenever it whimpers, we take it to our beds. But be careful – we should set clear rules from the very beginning. A dog´s memory is excellent especially for things comfortable to him. As soon as we bring the puppy home, we must show it its place. It should be a place where the puppy is not disturbed and feels safe. Ordering a heavy hairy creature out of your bed every night or waking up all sore beside it in the morning is not always funny.


The Puppy Grows Big

When the puppy grows, it often has too much energy – this can be a big problem particularly by a dog kept in an apartment. Chewed carpets, slippers and pillows or scratched doors can be the evidence. If we cannot spend the time with the dog yourself and let it run outside, we should buy him some toys. Every pet shop will be happy to give you advice.


Have Enough Fresh Air

The owner soon learns, the more time he or she spends outside with the dog, the better. According to the dog’s behaviour you can see very easily, when he start to be restless because of “doing nothing”, and he when makes his master to take him out for a walk. We should walk the dog three times a day, at least.  Only frequent walks teach the dog good habits not to “do his business” in the apartment but only outside.

There is one more positive aspect of going out with the dog – he gets tired enough and is not “misbehaving” at home later. If possible, let the dog run enough, e.g. fetching is ideal (if you are lucky and your dog accepts this activity). If he does not, there is an option to run with the dog yourself. If you do not have such a physical condition, a bike would help you, but in some cases masters walk their dogs even from their cars.  It is a bit non-standard approach, but if both the dog and his master like it, why not.


The Dog – A Loyal And Unselfish Friend

All the dog lovers will certainly confirm, that there is no better welcome after returning home than your dog can give to you. A dog can wait all day patiently to give us all his love. The Classics say, that “he wants nothing except your attention but he gives you everything in return”. Many of us cannot imagine living without a dog, as he is a family member, one of us, the indispensable part of our homes.