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The Functions Of A Staircase

The staircase shape has long been a symbol of architectural beauty, although the choice of a staircase has its practical side, too.

The construction and reconstruction of an internal staircase is quite a complex process which is worth to leave to professionals. Ideas and creative energy can be put into the design, and you can realize small design decorations and partial adjustments manually.

Specialized companies can give you advise, how to proceed, and they can also offer a specialized computer program for designing a staircase or an entire system of rotating stairs. Manufacturing of the components is usually done in a workshop on special machine tools, while the details and unusual accessories are finished by hands of experienced craftsmen. Each produced staircase is assembled before the final surface finish, the required parameters are carefully inspected, and other services, including a possible reconstruction, are provided.


The Correct Choice Is Crucial

When selecting from an offer of a specialized company, it is good to know the layout of your house and you should especially keep in mind the people, who will use the stairs. According to this, you can choose among the types of staircases. You should also consider a suitable material and supplements; the railing is important as well as the decision, whether it will be a rotating or a straight staircase. Again, the offer is very wide and possibilities are endless.


The Disposition Variations

You should know the location of the staircase already when building the house. The location fundamentally affects the entire layout of the house and determines additional construction costs. It is a certain disadvantage to place the staircase in the middle of a house, as it will probably need an artificial lighting all the time. On the other hand, if the staircase is placed next to a perimeter wall, the stairs will be brightened by windows considerably. There are naturally other layout options available: staircase placement in a separate area following the correspondent hallways or staircase placement in a room which later becomes the central residential area.


The Most Frequent Types Of Staircases

The most often types of staircases are: direct staircase, bent staircase, spindle staircase or rotating staircase; within these options, there are various solutions of the steps available. You have to expect that you will use the staircase every day. You should choose the staircase type according to the internal dispositions, to your financing possibilities and especially to the tastes of the residents of your house.


Repairs Only For Skilled Craftsmen

The advantage of cooperation with a specialized company includes the fact that they are able to repair any defects immediately. A bigger problem occurs only in a case of a static fault, which should be prevented at the initial assembly and manufacturing of the staircase already. It should be noted that reconstructions, which are demanding both in construction and in costs, can extend the life of the staircase; however unprofessional interventions usually lead to the need to solve the problems repeatedly. Owners of a staircase should focus only on small decorative repairs or improvements, as the visual appearance can be changed even by apparent details.