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A Bidet In Your Bathroom

4 Reasons To Get A Bidet In Your Bathroom

Not a popular matter in the CR, but a norm in other countries. According to surveys, the Czechs find it “to occupy the space in the bathroom unnecessarily”, while in Japan, it is a standard even in the public toilets.


Would You Like A Pony?

The word “bidet” comes from the French and means a “pony”. The equipment acquired its name from the type of sitting in which it is used. A bidet, which is a low type of basin adapted for washing of the intimate parts, is a cornerstone of home hygiene ever since its invention around 1700 AD. Interestingly, a bidet was a part of a bedroom at first and did not move into a bathroom until two hundred years later. Around 1960, a new technology allowed the incorporation of a bidet nozzle directly into the toilet (controlled by a lever faucet), which significantly saved the space in a bathroom. However, this invention is not much known in this country…

stažený soubor

Health Is First

The regular use of a bidet is helpful to prevent the colon and rectum cancers, and in Europe, these deceases have the most frequent occurrence in the CR. Approximately 8,300 Czechs contract this insidious disease annually and about 4,000 of them die of it. It is no longer possible to intervene in any way in 54% of the cases, because of the advanced stage of the disease. The popularity of fatty foods and the lack of exercise contribute to the development of the disease, as well as excessive drinking of beer; it contains a high proportion of yeast and has adverse affect on the intestinal microflora thus contributing to the development of rectum cancer. A bidet, which supports the blood supply in these body parts by means of a stream of lukewarm water, is beneficial in the case of haemorrhoids, too.


Practicality Second

The bidets are mostly purchased in a united design as an original bathroom furniture piece. If you are short of space, you can use a so called “micro bidet”, which can be subsequently mounted to any type of toilet. It just needs to be connected to the water supply (in the case, cold water is OK for you, there is no need for further assembly), installed under the toilet seat and then you can simply use it (by means of an electric control, in the case of a more sophisticated type).

The micro bidet is economical. Its advantages are easy assembly and maintenance. The device is adjustable according to requirements of the user. The device is concealed, so it does not interfere with the interior design.

It is also an excellent solution for people with reduced mobility or for the elderly ones, who find the hygiene in a classical tub or a shower too demanding physically.


Luxury The Third

You can get a bit of luxury for an extra cost. The more expensive devices offer various functions: adjusting of the water temperature, setting of the water pressure and the position of the water stream and even the massage washing mode. All this can be set by a remote control. There are also preheated seats, an odour filter or a drying function in this luxury series.