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6 Reason That The Life With A Cat Is Worth It

Do you need a quick training on parenting? Get a kitten. Both a baby and a cat can change your life immensely.

Do you feel sometimes, that sharing a household with a cat is a test of patience for you? You are absolutely wrong. Contrariwise, a cat is the best thing that can happen to her owner.

But how does a cat improve the quality of your life in such a significant way?


A Living Heater

There is nothing like a purring cat curled up at your numb feet. Of course, you cannot make her to do so and you have to wait until she decides herself, but when this happens, you suddenly have a friend and an electric blanket in one – and it is worth it. What is more, do not forget the direct correlation – the more cats, the more warmth.


An Alarm Clock (Nearly) For Free

Do you ever happen to forget to set an alarm in the evening? The cat is sure, even in the case you do not need (or even do not want) to get up early. When the time is right, ideally at 5.30 a.m., she jumps on your stomach and reminds you, it is the time to get up and to be productive. Ideally, she brings you a dead mouse in your bedroom, so that she was an example for you.


There Is Never A Lack Of Surprise

Speaking of the mice – if your cat is really a strong and talented character, she does not bring the mouse directly to you, but she hides it cleverly, so that you had a big surprise later. There is nothing like trying to vacuum the dust under the cabinets, when the appliance starts to sucks something that it definitely should not suck…


She Does Not Let You Get Fat

You may have already noticed that every cat is “programmed” to disturb you continuously while you are watching TV, reading, eating, working at the computer, and doing other activities that let you grow fatter. But as the cats are sophisticated creatures, they do not disturb you at all time. Conversely, the cat calms you down by behaving quite mannerly, and she only attacks when you began to concentrate on your activity.


You Need Not To Entertain Her

A dog needs your attention. He brings you a ball, bones or other things, he wants to fetch and run with you, he simply wants to play with you. A cat, in contrast, can be alone. Your funny faces do not trouble her, she ignores your commands and she would rather bite her tail off than to fetch her ball of yarn to you.


The Matter Of Perspective

When living with a cat in your household, you get accustomed to an individual with varying mood, so all your human friends will suddenly seem a little friendlier and you might have more understanding for them. Or at least you appreciate, they pay a drink for you occasionally and they buy a birthday present for you. As to cats, however, is best not to expect anything. It is the only way to get often a pleasant surprise in the form of a cuddly and friendly creature.