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Things You Can Throw Away Right Now

In every household, things get accumulated quickly. We plan to sort them out “once”, but usually do not find the time to do it.

Do you want to ease your household? We will advise you now, which things you can get rid of instantly without missing them. And you might be surprised how many of them.


The Cosmetics

Of course we know that each of the deo sprays has a different fragrance. And that you bought the shower gel on a business trip, when you forgot yours at home, and that you carry this one with you to do sports, because it does not get opened in the bag. But seriously, would not one shower gel be enough?

If you do not know what to do with them, and you do not want to throw nearly full bottles away without a reason, you can use the shower gel as a foam bath, you can use the conditioner for shaving your legs and the shampoo to do the hand washing.


The Books and The Magazines

We do not take books as garbage, of course, and we do not advise you throw away valuable reading. Just sorting out the titles that you e.g. bought as a relaxing paperback reading on your vacation is often enough. Give these titles to somebody else, take them to a bazaar or simply leave them in a café, where someone takes them for sure.

You can do the same with old magazines, but do not forgot, bring only a few issues to a café. You cannot bring a whole bundle of magazines, as if it were a scrap yard!


The Plastic Food Containers

You certainly look at them in supermarkets and home improvement stores – they look so practical! You can imagine yourself cooking great meals every day and the members of your family always having something good to eat; or alternatively, they could take the containers with them to their school or work.

The reality is obviously much less attractive. Once you buy the plastic containers, they begin to mix at home, get lost and you almost never find the right lid; and if you do to so, the food in the refrigerator gets forgotten and you will find it much later and spoiled. Do not worry about them much – throw the containers away and keep only the ones you use currently.


The Old Medication

We all know it, but hardly anyone does it: there is an expiration date on each package of medication and the warning you should return the expired medication back to the pharmacy. Even though we sometimes have an aspirin in our first aid kits, which is a many years old.

Check your medication supplies and sort strictly out all expired drugs. The only exception may be the medication stored after consultation with a physician and under special conditions, when the chemical changes are not so fast.


The Candles

What do you give to your friends, when you cannot find anything in particular? One of the common solutions are candles: the coloured or white ones, the scented or the fragrance-free. And because sometimes we buy a candle ourselves, we soon have many of them at home.

Even if you start to use them, the burned glass cups with a little wax on the bottom and a blackened wick get accumulated. Do not throw them straight into the household waste; dip them into a bowl of hot water first, pour the melted wax out, wipe the glass and put in a glass container.