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What Is The Most Important In A Children´s Room?

An attractive children’s room can be easily arranged even in a block of flats. Are you planning a nursery for a small kid and you do not know what to do with the little space available? We are going to give you some advice, so that both you and your kid will love the room.


Arrange The Room According To The Kids, Not You

An attractive children´s room can be easily arranged even in a small space, it is just important to meet the needs and the character of your kid. Small children run, play and they seem to be everywhere. However, they do not require their own space so much. The difference is, of course, whether it is a 5-years-old kid or a 10-years-old kid. The needs of kids are determined by the fact, if it is a preschool child or a schoolchild, by their hobbies and by the activities they like to do in their free time.


A Suitable Bed And Storage

Anyway, a perfect nursery should be equipped with a reasonably long and reasonably high bed and with plenty of cupboard space. As for the storage, it should not be a high cabinet, as a kid could not reach into it. The lower drawers or open shelves with a variable system of storage boxes may be an alternative. This way, the kids learn to take care of their things and to return each toy on its place to store it.

You do not want to get a classic bed for your kid? A very popular solution is placing the child´s bed in an upper tier. In this way, a space suitable for cabinets, a desk, a playing carpet or a sofa is created under the bed automatically.  After you have solved the issue of safety choosing a bed that prevents the child from falling, you can be sure that both of you will be satisfied. The great advantage of this solution is saving of the space and increasing the impact of the room; in addition, a bed with a ladder will be an extra adventure for your kid!


Choose The Desk And The Chair Very Carefully

If you have a preschool child or even a schoolchild at home, you will need to buy a desk and a quality children´s “office” chair, above all. Keep in mind that your child does not learn only reading and writing, they also learn to sit properly and to keep the poise during these activities. The selection of proper furniture will make it easier for them. For a desk, the height is especially important, and for a chair, it is its hardness and the adjustment of the back. In the case, your kid has  problems with sitting at the table, a small medical ball (overball) can help; if inserted between the child´s lower back and the back of the chair, it makes the kid to sit straight.

The obligatory part of the outfit a nursery is a good lighting. It is not only the lamp on the desk, but especially the ceiling light. Small kids play mostly on the ground and it is therefore necessary to arrange the light, so that they did not spoil their eyes from their early age. They must have enough light even on the small toys and the tiny components of construction kits.


The Playing Carpets For Small Kids

A preschool child spends most of his or her time with their parents, communicates with them and needs to be close to them. The kid usually uses the children´s room only for sleeping. So a baby or a small kid needs a playing carpet or a playpen. These pieces of furniture are very flexible and you can place them anywhere in your home, so that you can be always at hand.


The Supplements According To The Nature Of The Kid

The child’s life is full of fun and adventures, but he or she must have enough space for them. You do not need a large area (in m²), as the wittily chosen furnishing is sufficient. Does your kid draw on the walls? Get them a blackboard straight into their room. They can draw on it and later they can use it to write their first letters. Is your kid active? You can get them the wall bars into their room or hang a climbing rope from the ceiling. These solutions are space-saving, yet very effective!


Let The Colours In

A small kid discovers the world. It is very sensitive and loves colours. Think about what colours are good for you and for your kid, and paint the nursery walls according to it. Do not be afraid to be bold. You cannot go wrong with a varied colour combination, as long as you add two complementary colours to the dominant colour. Be careful about the hue and saturation of the colours; if they are too striking and aggressive, they can cause restlessness and distractibility to your kid.

Or do you prefer wallpaper? If you have never cared about it, you may be surprised how many children´s wallpaper patterns are available on the market. Do not forget the decorations, too. The nursery should be full of toys, pictures, etc.


Expect A Radical Change After The Teens

A kid before puberty usually does not have large demands on his or her own space. These demands come with their teens and with their desire to have privacy, their own space. At this age, it is good to replace the original furnishing full of children’s motifs with the furniture made according to the needs of the teenager. A girl-student would not feel well in a sweet pink room and she would be ashamed to invite anyone home. In a teenager´s room, there should be a sofa, PC corner and, in case of a young lady, a big mirror. Expect the demands on the audiovisual equipment (media) to increase, too.


A Playground Can Be In Your Garden

The families living in a house with a garden have a great advantage: they can build a small playground for their children at home. Today, private slides and climbing frames in gardens are not limited to the families of handymen, as you can buy them in the complete assemblies. The playground assemblies can be flexibly expanded with slides, swings and sandboxes, both covered and uncovered. The toys and playground assemblies, you will find in the offers, should be made of solid wood and treated with harmless stains, so that the carefree children´s frolicking was really safe.