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If any piece of furniture can be really considered as variable, then it is a dresser, which is usually a cabinet with drawers that can be used almost anywhere in your apartment. We are going give you some inspiration for what can purchase.

What style of a dresser will suit you? Ultimately, any style you wish. The simple shape of the dressers does not pretend anything, the function is primary, however there are also pieces suitable in the style (or themed) interiors or in a cottage. And if you want a truly original piece, you can have the fronts and the doors printed with a photo of a choice, or you can even have a dresser made to measure.


A Dresser Is A Cabinet

“Nowadays, as dressers are generally referred lower cabinets with several drawers, which ideally run across the whole width of the furniture. They can stand solitary by a wall, it is not necessary to fasten them,” an architect says. They tend to have low legs or a base,  they can also be equipped with wheels for easier handling, however you can  see pieces on truly high legs (so you can store various things under them) or conversely, with no legs.


The Modern Transformations

If you regard only the low, wide and deep cabinets (e.g. 80 x 100 x 40 cm) as dressers and you see completely different ones in the stores, do not be surprised. This piece of furniture changes according to the ideas of the manufacturers. They sometimes “stretch” it in width or to height, the drawers do not always run across the whole width or they are supplemented by shelves with doors, the drawers may be even replaced by removable boxes or by open shelves.


Wherever You Need Them

The dressers evolved from the earlier chests of drawers, the low cabinets adapted for storing linen. However, this piece of furniture will find its application also out of a bedroom, nowadays. It can be placed in a kitchen to store the cookware in it, in a nursery (as a changing table combined with a storage for clothes or toys), in a living room (as a storage furniture), in an office, in a bathroom or even in a hallway.

Unlike other furniture, the top surface will also be useful to you for storing items or decorations, or a mirror can be placed on it.


What Are Made Of/Materials

The dressers are mostly manufactured from wood-based materials, although you can find them in metal, plastic or even glass, too.

“The laminated chipboard is marked as LTD. The stronger and better material is the hardboard (MDF). The chipboard (DTD) is also used, it can be laminated or covered by the veneer. Thus if you buy the “veneer furniture”, it means that a thin layer of wood (max. 3 mm) is glued to a carrier substrate, such as the DTD. And the timber is a piece of wood that will delight every nature lover, but this material responds to moisture more significantly, e.g. its colour stability is poorer.


How To Open Them

The drawers are equipped with handles, which complete the look of the dresser, however you do not need to use them in every case. Some pieces of furniture have drawers with holes for the fingers in their fronts, while others use recessed handles which do not protrude.

The handle-less systems, mechanical or electric driven, represent handy and very modern solutions, which originally started in the kitchens, but now they are used in other furniture, as well.


What Else?

You should not focus only on the design, but also on the materials, the furniture implementation including the metal fixtures, as well as on the size, so that it fitted into your home and to your everyday life. Do you find this comment useless?

“I normally see people, who did not estimate the space needed for the dresser correctly. Although they know how much space there is available, they forget to include the space for the drawers being pulled out and for the person who will stand by it…”


The Fashionable High Gloss

The trend of high gloss finishes applied in home interiors reached the dressers, as well. But how about the risk of scratching the surface, e.g. by a ring? Minor damages of the surface made of the glossy T-acrylic can be fixed at home with a “healing kit”; the repair takes about 10 minutes.

The bunk beds are not only a great option for small bedrooms in which the classic beds would occupy most of their area. The high structure of the bunk beds also breaks the traditional layout of the interior and gives flair to the entire room.

The bunk beds can be found in the interior design already for many years because of their effectiveness.  The high positioned bunk beds can utilize the same floor area twice so much.


“The bunk beds with tiers are space-savers of their nature. The beds themselves are compact and they are usually the most space occupying furniture in children’s rooms as well as in bedrooms. Their upwards structure gives you more free area, which you can use for everyday activities in the room,” an architect says.

The high bunk beds are nowadays often used in bedrooms for adults too, where the saved area is used e.g. for a desk or a couch, thus creating a practical living space.


However, this kind of furniture does not fit in every apartment. In this respect, the ceiling height is determining. This kind of solution is the best at the ceiling height of about 3.5 meters, so the bed could be placed high enough and you could move under it comfortably.

“If you do not have a ceiling of this height, do not despair. The space under the beds can be used for cabinets, an open closet or even for an open work area,” a designer says.


Sleeping In The Upper Tier

The bunk beds are usually placed in children’s rooms so that the children had enough space for playing,. In most cases, the kids argue about who is going to sleep in the upper tier. From the emotional point of view, the kid in the upper bunk feels better because he or she does not have so much open space above them.


A radiator need not be the unsightly tangle of tubes any more. The unique design of radiators brings beauty and elegance even into the places, where you might not expect it.

Nowadays, as a “radiator”, it is not necessary to imagine only the old cast iron radiators with dull colours. The manufacturers offer a wide range of luxurious designs and playful shapes, where even the most demanding customers can choose.

When furnishing the interior, you should not pay attention only to the overall style including the accessories, but also to the equipment which is necessary in the room. Even the radiators can look good and fine-tune your home. The current heaters do not have only their practical use, their task is also to improve every room aesthetically.


The appearance of radiators should not be underestimated. They are an integral part of the interior, which can easily become the dominant that gives elegance and flair to the entire space.

The designer radiators are not only unique in their appearance but also in their shapes. Thanks to it, we can easily accommodate them even in places, where a radiator would not previously fit or suit. In the manufacturer´s offers, there are the radiators extra thin, oblong or in completely asymmetrical shapes. You can easily install them not only in the classic space under the window, but also e.g. on the wall next to the door, where the radiator would look almost like a work of art.

The designs for radiators are usually created by the manufacturers themselves or in cooperation with residential designers. However, if you are interested in a completely unique look, you can order a radiator from certain suppliers, who can stamp your own theme in a form of a picture or a photograph on it. A radiator tuned in this way can upgrade virtually any room then. It is suitable not only in the living areas, but also in a bathroom, a kitchen or a bedroom.



You should not skimp on a child, but to get bankrupted because of a newborn baby is not very strategic, too. So what is worth to invest in, when you are expecting a baby?

Of course, we do not want so suggest, you should make a baby crib out of a drawer and to bathe the baby in a sink (but the baby would probably survive it in good health).

When you are expecting your first child, you usually tend to buy anything that seems to be helpful to you. But when you expect your second and third baby, you already know that it is not all essential.  The manufacturers of children’s goods and equipment must constantly come up with new products, otherwise their business would not boom. Fortunately, your newborn baby does not have a shopping spree yet, so it will not mind, if you save on it reasonably.


A Stroller

A stroller is definitely worth to invest in, however it does not mean you should take the one with the highest price tag. Read reviews, ask friends, consider your lifestyle and where and how you are going to travel with the baby.


A Baby Carrier

The scarves for carrying babies are hit nowadays, but it does not mean they will be ideal for you, as well. A specially designed baby carrier is a much safer option, where you know exactly what you are going to get. If you are going to take turns in wearing it often, be careful so that the carrier suits both the partners – or you can buy two carriers.


A Baby Car Seat

If you have a car, a baby seat is absolutely necessary. You cannot save much on it, too, but you can buy a fully functional seat from your friends, whose baby is already too big for it.


The Nursing Pillow

Who have not tried, will not believe it – a special pillow for nursing provides a mother with a comfort that becomes necessary during the strenuous care of a baby. Your baby will be happy and you will not ruin your back.


A Highchair

Your baby can sleep in many places (until it starts to crawl), but it will need its own chair. Pay attention to its stability and its protection against accidental fall, above all.


Cloth Diapers

In comparison with the previous items, it is no big investment. However, they are important, even if you are going to use the disposable diapers. A well laundered cloth diaper will help you in many ways: during breastfeeding, for wiping of spilled food or for shading the stroller against the sunbeams.


Where Can You Save Then?

More and more people abandon the baby baths that take up too much space in an apartment and  are not necessary. Instead of it, you can use either a special space-saving bath bucket, or you can simply bathe the baby in a large clean sink. When it becomes too small for the baby, it will probably already be able sit and therefore be able to use a normal bath.

A special bag for diapers, that some stores will force you, is not necessary, too.  It can be simply replaced by a normal bigger handbag and moreover, it is often in a sporty design which is not very beautiful. And as a matter of fact, when you go on a family trip, you take the diapers in a backpack rather than in a hand bag, don´t you?

You will naturally need the clothing for the baby, however, it need not to be an expensive item. You can simply add the clothes, you get from your friends and family or you buy cheaply on the bazaars of children’s clothing, to the new pieces. Do not forget to wash thoroughly all the “second hand” equipment, of course.

As told before, a special cot is not necessary at the beginning, but you will need it later, when your baby starts to discover the world a little.


An attractive children’s room can be easily arranged even in a block of flats. Are you planning a nursery for a small kid and you do not know what to do with the little space available? We are going to give you some advice, so that both you and your kid will love the room.


Arrange The Room According To The Kids, Not You

An attractive children´s room can be easily arranged even in a small space, it is just important to meet the needs and the character of your kid. Small children run, play and they seem to be everywhere. However, they do not require their own space so much. The difference is, of course, whether it is a 5-years-old kid or a 10-years-old kid. The needs of kids are determined by the fact, if it is a preschool child or a schoolchild, by their hobbies and by the activities they like to do in their free time.


A Suitable Bed And Storage

Anyway, a perfect nursery should be equipped with a reasonably long and reasonably high bed and with plenty of cupboard space. As for the storage, it should not be a high cabinet, as a kid could not reach into it. The lower drawers or open shelves with a variable system of storage boxes may be an alternative. This way, the kids learn to take care of their things and to return each toy on its place to store it.

You do not want to get a classic bed for your kid? A very popular solution is placing the child´s bed in an upper tier. In this way, a space suitable for cabinets, a desk, a playing carpet or a sofa is created under the bed automatically.  After you have solved the issue of safety choosing a bed that prevents the child from falling, you can be sure that both of you will be satisfied. The great advantage of this solution is saving of the space and increasing the impact of the room; in addition, a bed with a ladder will be an extra adventure for your kid!


Choose The Desk And The Chair Very Carefully

If you have a preschool child or even a schoolchild at home, you will need to buy a desk and a quality children´s “office” chair, above all. Keep in mind that your child does not learn only reading and writing, they also learn to sit properly and to keep the poise during these activities. The selection of proper furniture will make it easier for them. For a desk, the height is especially important, and for a chair, it is its hardness and the adjustment of the back. In the case, your kid has  problems with sitting at the table, a small medical ball (overball) can help; if inserted between the child´s lower back and the back of the chair, it makes the kid to sit straight.

The obligatory part of the outfit a nursery is a good lighting. It is not only the lamp on the desk, but especially the ceiling light. Small kids play mostly on the ground and it is therefore necessary to arrange the light, so that they did not spoil their eyes from their early age. They must have enough light even on the small toys and the tiny components of construction kits.


The Playing Carpets For Small Kids

A preschool child spends most of his or her time with their parents, communicates with them and needs to be close to them. The kid usually uses the children´s room only for sleeping. So a baby or a small kid needs a playing carpet or a playpen. These pieces of furniture are very flexible and you can place them anywhere in your home, so that you can be always at hand.


The Supplements According To The Nature Of The Kid

The child’s life is full of fun and adventures, but he or she must have enough space for them. You do not need a large area (in m²), as the wittily chosen furnishing is sufficient. Does your kid draw on the walls? Get them a blackboard straight into their room. They can draw on it and later they can use it to write their first letters. Is your kid active? You can get them the wall bars into their room or hang a climbing rope from the ceiling. These solutions are space-saving, yet very effective!


Let The Colours In

A small kid discovers the world. It is very sensitive and loves colours. Think about what colours are good for you and for your kid, and paint the nursery walls according to it. Do not be afraid to be bold. You cannot go wrong with a varied colour combination, as long as you add two complementary colours to the dominant colour. Be careful about the hue and saturation of the colours; if they are too striking and aggressive, they can cause restlessness and distractibility to your kid.

Or do you prefer wallpaper? If you have never cared about it, you may be surprised how many children´s wallpaper patterns are available on the market. Do not forget the decorations, too. The nursery should be full of toys, pictures, etc.


Expect A Radical Change After The Teens

A kid before puberty usually does not have large demands on his or her own space. These demands come with their teens and with their desire to have privacy, their own space. At this age, it is good to replace the original furnishing full of children’s motifs with the furniture made according to the needs of the teenager. A girl-student would not feel well in a sweet pink room and she would be ashamed to invite anyone home. In a teenager´s room, there should be a sofa, PC corner and, in case of a young lady, a big mirror. Expect the demands on the audiovisual equipment (media) to increase, too.


A Playground Can Be In Your Garden

The families living in a house with a garden have a great advantage: they can build a small playground for their children at home. Today, private slides and climbing frames in gardens are not limited to the families of handymen, as you can buy them in the complete assemblies. The playground assemblies can be flexibly expanded with slides, swings and sandboxes, both covered and uncovered. The toys and playground assemblies, you will find in the offers, should be made of solid wood and treated with harmless stains, so that the carefree children´s frolicking was really safe.


The research shows that the older a person gets, the more light he or she needs for their everyday activities. However, in order the children’s eyesight developed properly and the children did not spoil their eyes when playing, it is important to ensure an appropriate lighting for them.

A child’s vision is very adaptable and children usually do not complain about the lack of light. It is up to the parents to care about the proper lighting.


Enough Light For The Children´s Eyes

When illuminating the nursery, you should put the greatest emphasis on the practicality and the safety. The lighting of the room should not be formed only by the central light, as the local lights are important, too. Even the intimate light plays its practical role. We are going to tell you more about the three types now.


The Children, The Light and The Health

Most mistakes are made when people arrange the lighting in the children’s rooms. If the child has an inappropriate lighting for its activities, he or she subjectively tries to change their position or leans to improve their vision. The improper lighting can result in spine deformations, headaches, conjunctivitis or irritability.


The Overall Central Lighting

The overall ceiling light should illuminate the entire room without forming dark corners and shadows anywhere. This light serves to the children and their games, which usually take place all over the floor. The light will also help the parent to a perfect cleaning of the room. The fashion of spotlights often replaces the central lighting now, however it is not appropriate. Even though you can direct the spotlights wherever you need, you lack the overall diffused light.


The Lighting Control

The central lighting should be supplemented with a dimmer.

The main advantages of the light regulation include:

– achieving the optimal illumination with respect to the activities performed,

– adjusting the light to the requirements of the user,

– achieving the optimum lighting depending on the level of daylight,

– reducing the operating costs for the lighting,

– improving the quality of the illumination for a pleasant stay in the room.


The Local Functional Light

The local light is a separate light used for illumination of a specific small area. It is particularly necessary on your desk. You can choose from a wide range of table lamps, whether standing or mounted to the table, preferably with an adjustable arm.


Advices And Tips:

* The light should come from the direction appropriate for the specific activity; if your kid is right-handed, the light should come from the left, so that it did not cast a shadow.

* The light should be positioned neither to dazzle, nor to create reflections on the desktop.

* A higher light intensity of about 500 lux is recommended. To achieve a light intensity of 100 lux, you need e.g. a 25 W bulb or a 8 W fluorescent tube per m  over the worktop.

It is also advisable to place a local light beside the bed, which is the popular spot for reading. The source of light should not be placed in front of the eyes of the kid. The light should fall on a book or a magazine from behind or from a side. Since the time you spend reading is relatively short, the sufficient lighting is 150-200 lux. The light should create neither shadows, nor specular (mirror) reflections on the illuminated surface.


The Dim Decorative Lighting

The intimate lighting of the nursery is very important for the kids, too. As children are often afraid of the dark, it is advisable to place a lamp on the wall to emit the dim light.

You can find a wide range of the lamps in stores and they are made with fancy children’s themes. Manufacturers take care about the energy savings and often use LEDs inside, which have the minimum energy consumption. So you do not have to be afraid to let the child´s light on throughout the night.


The Use Of Natural Light

Before you planning the artificial lighting, you should think about the natural light, which should be used as first. That is why you should place the table so that the light comes from the left for a right-handed kid or from the right for a left-handed kid. This applies equally to the artificial light.


The Colour Of The Room

The light is closely related to the colour. Each colour has a different effect on human organism. The perception of colours even changes throughout the life, it is the strongest in the childhood and the adolescence. To ensure the best possible environment, you should change colours in the room from time to time.

Small kids love the pastel colours, while for young schoolchildren, the orange colour is suitable, which activates thinking and stimulates the nervous system.

For bigger kids, the green colour is suitable as it causes relaxation and reduces stress. Teenagers appreciate cooler colours and tones, such as blue. It has an optimistic effect on the human organism and it can soothe emotions.

Although the selection of suitable children’s furniture might not be simple, you just have to follow some general steps that will make your choice easier. Do you want to know them?

Of course it is not possible to sum such a large theme up in a few lines. On the other hand, we can give you a few general conclusions here.

stažený soubor

  1. Quality: the children’s furniture should be primarily made of high quality harmless materials, such as wood, fabric or wool, and mainly from non-toxic substances. So choose the top children’s furniture and you can be sure that your baby will grow up in a truly safe environment.
  2. Appearance: naturally, it is necessary for the little girls and boys to feel comfortable in their room, even as far as sensory stimuli are concerned. Therefore, the nursery has to look comfortable at the first sight. It does not matter, however, whether you prefer bright or sober colours.
  3. Practicality: even with the children´s furniture, you must not forget its practical function. At the beginning, the baby´s dressers and desks are very important and they must suit both the baby and you. In later years, there must be a table and chairs, as well as other practical furniture, in the nursery.
  4. Furniture pieces vs. sets: it is questionable, whether it is better to get the individual pieces of the children’s furniture separately, or to buy the furniture set into the room. In the first case, the room can arranged exactly according to your wishes, but the second is easier and can be much cheaper, too.
  5. Price: we cannot underestimate this factor, because every family budget is limited. The good news is, you can buy a wide range of high-quality children’s furniture cheap, nowadays. You can try some of the e-shops.


Have you ever wondered, if your child’s room is properly furnished for playing and for studying?

When choosing the children´s furniture, it is necessary to consider every detail. You should not ignore the important principles you should keep in mind when choosing the furniture. The safety of your children is obviously the priority when choosing the furniture into their room.


A Room Suitable To Be A Children´s Room

Try to allocate the largest room in your house or your apartment, so that your kids had enough space to play and learn. Keep in mind enough of storage space, too. If you do not have a sufficient space for a children’s room, then get the height-adjustable furniture for your kids. Their beds should be built-in to save the space in the “day mode”.


The Principles For Choosing The Furniture

Nowadays, the main effort of parents is to arrange the children’s room colourful and playful. Many of them buy completely new furniture; gone are the days when children were given old and used furniture. Parents have a lot of options today to arrange a room for their children both in a good price and a good quality.

The big advantage of the children’s furniture is the fact they are manufactured in the modular style. The modular furniture consists of several parts (modules) that can be combined and new variations of the room created. The children grow and their needs change, that is why the modular furniture is ideal for them. There is another option to satisfy your children´s needs and to arrange an unconventional children’s room for them – to have the furniture made to measure.


What To Keep In Mind

First of all you should consider if you are arranging the children´s room only temporarily or whether it should last up to their school age. Then, it is important to think about the zones that form the children’s room: it is the work zone, the rest zone and the play zone. The furniture should be functional and safe, above all. The last thing to consider is the colour scheme of the room.


Do Your Kids Have A Lot Of Things And Toys?

If your children have a lot of things, toys and sports equipment, sort the things out first. Determine which are necessary and which you can get rid of, so that the room was not overfilled with clutter. Before buying the children´s furniture, think mainly about the abundance of the storage space. You can solve the issue e.g. by means of cabinets, in which a child bike, skates and other sports equipment can be hidden.


One Room For Two Kids

If you have two children, you certainly think about how to organize their room so that both kids had enough space. The children’s room for two kids must maintain privacy and separate areas for each of them. The “growing” furniture that “grows” together with the children is suitable in such room and it can be accustomed according to the needs of the children. If you have a boy and a girl, keep in mind that over the time, they may not like the same child motives, so ask your kids before buying the furniture, which theme they enjoy.



Follow These Principles

When choosing the furniture for the children´s room, follow these principles:

  • the safety of the furniture (no sharp edges)
  • the furniture should have the manufacturer’s certificate of safety
  • avoid the furniture with glass elements
  • too many children’s motives can become annoying for your kids over the time
  • be careful about the lighting conditions in the room (the desk should be placed near the window)
  • the desk should be large enough for a PC and a desktop
  • do not save on the size of the children’s beds; size of 90 x 200 cm should always be kept.