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7 Practical Tips For Living In A Small Apartment

It is only a few steps of space between a wall and the opposite one, you can hardly turn yourself in the hall, the cloakroom is unrealistic – even though living in a small apartment can be good.

There is nothing to teach you saving better than a small living space. You cannot pack in a luxury leather sofa in any way and a huge coffee machine would not suit into the little kitchen. Take it as a practical lesson in planning.


The Small Storage Helpers
In a small apartment, do not try to align all the smaller items and to put it back in place each time – you will never succeed entirely.  Take all the storage components into account instead: boxes, bags, hangers, small chests of drawers on castors etc.. Better yet, if you can fold them when not using them, so that they do not take up too much space. It is always better to have a designated place for the small items.


More Functions, More Space

In a small apartment, you cannot afford to waste space or design the space too generously. You should not expect you will go through a narrow path around a dining table for six people every day; you should better get, for example, a folding table that works as a shelf when folded. The hidden storage spaces in furniture, cabinets with slide-out work surfaces etc. are helpful, too.


Up To The Ceiling

Of course it is not ideal to build furniture on all walls of the apartment, but definitely you should use the vertical space for storage. In furniture stores, look for kits including stackable and extension parts to create a high cabinet system. Of course, you must pay great attention to the stability of the structures to avoid you cabinet from tipping. If you have sufficient resources, the built-in cabinets are ideal. Vertical storage has a huge effect in a small apartment and clears a lot of space.


No Dead Space

If you lack storage space, stick to the rule, that there must not to be any blank zone in the apartment, which is not necessary because of aesthetics or comfort. Lots of free space under the bed? Unacceptable. The upper surfaces of cabinets storing only dust? Impractical.


Keep Things In Motion

Whenever buying a new object, a piece of furniture, decoration or kitchen appliance, look around and sort out an older one. There is always something you have not used for a long time or something that no longer works as intended. The same rule applies for clothes and shoes so that your wardrobe will not grow too large and occupy the precious place.


Put Things Away

This advice is not very amusing, but it´s necessary. In a small apartment, even a dirty plate on the table looks like a big mess. When you have bigger home, you can afford your home to be a little untidy in a bohemian way, a small flat should be, however, kept in order. Otherwise, you will not feel there quite well yourself.


Think Thrice, Buy Once

Do not give out money on things you do not need indeed, on things too big for your household or on cheap, unsightly or poorly durable goods. Your space is precious, that is why it should not be occupied by scrap.